Tamoxifen and Skin Changes

Hi - just wondering if anyone else has noticed skin changes whilst taking Tamoxifen? Being completely honest - I was supposed to start taking it in October but didn’t start until the November as I sat and stared at it every night not wanting to take it! It took me ages to get my head around having to take a tablet that has a list of negative side effects and from what data is out there I think about 50 percent of people prescribed it stop taking it! Anyway I started it and then have been quite hit and miss with it - gave myself a good talking too and started it routinely about 5 weeks ago and within 2 weeks my skin started to itch and I noticed that my face looks flushed quite a lot of the time - this used to happen during my chemo too when I had to take steroids.  Went to see a dermatologist (about a separate issue) and he said that it looks like I have rosacea which I believe has been brought on by the Tamoxifen - just wondering if anyone else has had a similar experience? 


Hi there,

I have experienced something very similar but didn’t relate it to the Tamoxifen. I bought some La Roche Posay Cicaplast cream and it has helped.

I’m temporarily off Tamoxifen as I had surgery and my skin has been fine, completely back to normal so I do think it’s the medication.

nit sure if this helps or not but might be worth giving the cream a go xx


I am also having the same issues and started noticing skin changes 7 months into Tamoxifen. From very itchy skin to facial flushing which my Dermatologist diagnosed it as rosácea. She prescribed some oitments for my face so we will see if it gets better…

Please let me know how thing’s are going for you. Hope you are well.