Tamoxifen and skin rash

I have developed a rash on my face around the mouth and chin area and have been told by the hospital that Tamoxifen can do this. I have been on Tamoxifen for 7 months following mastectomy.

Does anyone have this problem or does anyone know of anything that helps this. I have been prescribed by the GP a histamine type tablet a day and hydrocortisone cream but its not working completely.

Any suggestions?


I don’t know what the rash can be but would suggest that you only use soap/creams on your face which do not contain perfume, as this can irritate the skin. I would also not use perfumed washing powder/softeners, especially for your flannels/towels. I use Surcare products and M&S sell similar ones.

Ann x

Thank you Ann_04 - I have psoriasis too so dont use the normal creams and soaps anyway.

I just thought I couldn’t be the only person that has Tamoxifen rash - perhaps I am - ha unique at last!

Thanks for advice.
Delphine x

Hi I’m new to this site have been on Tamoxifen for approx a year and have just developed a facial rash which has just begun to worry me so I am glad to have found this site. Has anyone given you a solution to the problem.

my GP gave me hydrocortizone and Cetirizine Dihdrochloride buts its not working just taking the inflamation down. I am going back to him to see what else he can do.

Apparently it is a side effect of Tamoxifen so I will go with that and return to GP.

What have you been doing with yours milolizac?

E45 did help originally. Looks so red and unsightly doesnt it but remember we are still the person we were.

Big hug

Do you know whether these rashes are always on the face? I’ve just developed itchy rashes on both legs and hadn’t considered it might be drug-related.


just been doc today because the itching on tamoxifen is driving me crackers…she has given me a lorry load of stuff…creams, steroids(predisolone) oilatum for bath and a anti histamine…so will keep you informed if any works…its awful like spiders under my skin…and the chemo has left my nails rock hard so darent scratch

Hi ladies,

I’ve posted on this previously…I’ve got v sensitive skin, always have had, and have had eczema since birth which was under control. 8 months into taking Tx (Oct 09) I started itching and haven’t stopped since.

I too have a ton of creams from my GP and take an anti-histamine every day which doesn’t get rid of it completely but does lessen the severity. I’ve used Surcare for ages because my daughter also has eczema.

I itch the worst when I have hot flushes. A flush hurts and stings my skin which then makes me want to scratch. I’m having acupuncture for the flushes, which does reduce them quite a bit for several weeks, which in turn reduces the itching. BUT it’s temporary relief so I have to have a session about every 6 weeks.

Any other suggestions very gratefully received!

HTH, Bella x

P.S. The itching is all on my upper body, so head, face, neck, shoulders, arms, tummy and back. Nothing at all from the waist down!

bella…yes my itching is the same…op half of body only…

well i,ve spent the last week off work having 3 or 4 baths a day in oilatum.and using the diprobase cream…its working not tearing at my skin anymore.still a bit itchy…but nothing like what i was…havent been brave enough to try any perfumed bath stuff yet but will be over weekend…
yes its worse when hot flushing so i,m keeping heating low and that helps…