Tamoxifen and sleeplessness - trying Mirtazapine

Hi, since starting on Tam in November I have developed sleep problems. Not only do I have disturbed sleep because of night sweats but I am now having problems falling asleep (over the last 3 weeks it has usually taken me 2+ hours to fall asleep irrespective of when I go to bed). GP now prescribed Mirtazapine as Venlafaxine not effective.
Has anyone else been on Mirtazapine - what are your experiences?

Just read leaflet about Mirtazapine and SEs - truly scary.
I think it is because I am so bl***y tired but I am feeling very angry today that I have to take these sort of drugs to combat side effects of drugs necessitated because of this bl***y disease.

I’m sorry I can’t help you but someone will be along that will be able to help more. So here is a HUG to keep you warm and safe till someone comes along

I took Mirtazipine …not addictive… was prescribed 15mg. Take 1/2 dose occassinally if I can’t sleeo.
No probs or side effects!

Hi, I’ve been on tami since Xmas 2012 and mirtazapine 30mg for severe depression and trouble sleeping thanks to BC and its treatment. I’ve put on about 4 kg and crave carbs all the time. I’ve got a bit of ankle swelling too but that might well be the tami and not the mirtazapine. I can’t say I like taking the mirt, or the side effects, esp its causing elevated blood sugar, oversleeping and generally unable to get up before 11am, plus putting on weight etc, but it’s better to be sane and coping I guess. Other antidepressants have done nothing for me - mirt at least helps with my mood.
Hope you hate getting some better sleep now.

Thanks for your replies. I have now been on Mirtazapine for over a month and am settling down. I am able to sleep better and if I don’t I usually know what is causing me to be restless (returning to work has been stressful so a bad few nights) I too have put on weight, crave carbs and have days when I find it hard to get up and get going. But on balance the benefits of taking the mirtazapine outweigh the SEs - not sure to what extent the above SEs are due to mirt or just the general reaction to 10 months of treatment and this post-treatment phase when everyone (including myself to an extent) expects me to be back to the pre-cancer self.
I certainly find I have less side effects with Mirtazapine than Venlafaxine, especially my mind is much sharper.
Best wishes to you all,