Tamoxifen and smear tests

Have been on tamoxifen for since Feb 2008. Periods continued for about 8 months then disappeared, came back in fits and starts so was referred to gynae last year, had sample taken from inside of womb and was told all fine. Was called for routine smear test recently and results have arrived today saying mild dyskaryosis has been detected and I will be recalled for another smear in 6 months time.

Does anyone know if this could be due to tamoxifen?

Hi there, although not definite, it sounds like it could be down to the tamoxifen. Onc told me there is an increased risk of endemetriosis cancer. About 12 years ago I had cells lazered in the cervix/uterus and because of this onc has told me to report any changes i.e discomfort, pain or bleeding (not had a period since 2nd lot fo FEC back in May 09) - have been on Tamox since Sept 09 and so far so good. Not had a routine smear yet so something else to face - as long as they are montoring you you should be fine but I suggest if you feel anything changes to go back to GP before the six months is up - hope this helps a little x Debbie x

from google
"First of all dyskaryosis is not cancer, nor is it harmful in its own right. It refers to some mild changes in the appearance of the cells, which normally cover the surface of the cervix (the neck of the womb).

These changes are often noticed on the smears and it is well known that these cellular changes usually revert back to normal within a few weeks or months.

In fact 90 per cent of dyskaryotic cells revert to normal, although 10 per cent can progress to become more abnormal and a small percentage of these can progress over the course of years to become malignant."

Not sure though if this is down to tamoxifen.However its sounds likely to revert back to normal.BUT it is just something you don’t need right now.Big hugs,

hi there im a sexual health nurse and do smears all the time… there is no link identified between tamoxifen and dyskariosis… one of the main causes is smoking.

abnormal smears are fairly common… mild dyskariosis is also sometimes referred to as CIN1 (CIN = cervical intraepithelial neoplasm) it means there are mild changes to the cells…

there are 4 levels of changes…
mild Dyskariosis/CIN1
moderate dyskariosis/CIN2
severe dyskariosis/CIN3

borderline and CIN1 often revert back to normal, but would normally be followed up with more frequent smears every 6 months if you have 3 abnormal ones on the trot you will often be referred to colposcopy (this is where they look at your cervix under a microscope) they may monitor you or give treatment or take a biopsy but as its only your first abnormal smear you dont need to worry about this at the moment.

for people with CIN 2 or 3 they usually are referred to colposcopy rather than be monitored with repeat smear.

if your a smoker i would def try to stop.


Thanks for your comments ladies, they certainly have helped. I had googled it and read about it earlier and was a reassured by what I read.
Lulu - I am indeed a smoker, have attempted to quit a few times in the past and am on the run up to another attempt.

maybe this is just the boost you need to help you… see your Gp or practice nurse for support and help stopping when you get to the ‘wanting’ to stop smoking stage.

best of luck with the smear and the smoking cessation.


Hi I had a borderline result in March and was advised to have another in 6 months I got the results from that one yesterday and again it was borderline so have to have another in 6 months time.I was wondering if there is really any chance of them reverting back to normal after two abnormal ones.There always seems to be something going on with me downstairs itching,soreness then its ok for a while then it starts again.I have an appointment with my Oncologist in November I think I will mention about the abnormal smears to him.

Mel xx

hiya Mel

yeah smears do indeed revert back to normal… the fact it is only borderline and hasnt changed to to CIN1 is a good sign… however at most places they will follow you up for 23 smears… and if you have 3 abnormal ones in a row even if they remain unchanged they will usually refer you to colposcopy to look at your cervix under a microscope… they then sometimes continue to monitor your 6 monthly but some units may just prefer to remove the abnormal cells at that stage… but it varies on the unit you attend.

borderline cells are not cancerous and do change back to normal in the majority of cases.

good luck