tamoxifen and sore legs.....

Please, can anyone throw me some help and advise. I have been on Tam for about 9 months, all was going well, but now my weight is creeping up and my legs are so sore and cramp up when i cycle.
I have a few of the othe side effects as well, but the sore legs are getting me down now.
Any ideas?

Thank you x

Hi Reebadij
I have also been on Tamoxifen for about nine months and am finding some leg pain at quite random times, I have found with the weight gain that it seems to be caused for me by water retention and I am now losing weight and hope to keep it up. I found that simply having salt on chips and not drinking much water over four days was enough to increase my weight by four pounds.
I am now drinking water throughout the day and not adding salt or eating salty food and also trying to lay off the refined carbohydrates as I found online a report that said that after menopause (which for most of us has been induced) the body is less able to process them, causing fat cells to form.
I hope this helps
Jules x

I have been on tamoxifen 6 months and still on herceptin until Jan 2014. I think exercise of any form is important and to keep mobile but also since I started tamoxifen I have taken omega 3, 6 and 9 1000mg, co-enzyme-Q10 200mg, brewers yeast 300mg and selenium with A-C-E vitamins. It costs around £10 a month but well worth it.(oh a a little red wine thrown in!). I had very sore stiff legs once I finished chemo in Dec. I know weight gain is an issue but I have lost a stone through careful eating, exercise and returning to work. I do ache initally when I get up in the morning but I have noticed that sitting for long periods aggrivates aches so try to get up and walk around too. I hope this helps.