Tamoxifen and starting a family

I’m still awaiting results from my operation, but it’s likely I will be on the medication tamoxifen.
I just wondered if anyone had had this but stopped to have a break to have children and then went back on it?

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I am sure some users with similar questions and experiences will be along soon to offer their support.

You may also want to try posting on our Hormone Therapy board where users are already discussing tamoxifen. 

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Thanks very much ?xx

Depending on your cancer and your oncologist, yes!

Everyone is different and all oncologists have their own thoughts on it, but the very general opinion seems to be that you can do 2 years on tamox and then have a break and then go back on it.

Some oncs like more time on it, but it certainly seems to be an option.


That said, there is VERY LITTLE out there on this to make a hugely informed decision. I had an 11 month old at dx, have done 6 months on tamox, then a year on exemestane / prostap and am now on another 6 months of tamox to try and get the prostap out of my system to then be able to try and have a second child.


If you are on fb and want more support (and are under 40) there is a fantastic group called YBCN (younger breast cancer network). There is a lot more traffic!!

Excellent! Thanks very much for your info ?xxx