Tamoxifen and weird hair growth, anyone else??

Since starting tamoxifen (18 months) I began to notice my hair didn’t seem to be growing lengthwise, hair is short and around the neckline, fringe and sides the growth is minimal but really clumpy on top!! When I went to hairdressers and asked about it they said they had one other client with the same problems, so just wondered if anyone else is experiencing this? When I read leaflets etc about tamoxifen they said some may experience hair loss or thinning hair, I have never seen anything about “stunted” growth.
I wanted to change my hairstyle but after 18 months it’s basically the same as when I first started!!
It’s been suggested that it is due to the lack of oestrogen, would just be interested to know if anyone else is the same? xx


Hi Katyc,
I have not been able to work out if my new hair is down to the chemo or tamoxifen ( now on letrozole) my hair is now grey, very coarse and grows thick but not long, I have found a good hairdresser who thins it out for me, I am just grateful as it is easier to keep thick hair cut rather than worry about thin hair, I assume it is all down to genes, I know that I will be losing it again and hope that it comes back as it is now. For some reason the rest of my body hair is very sparse!!!

ive been taking tamoifen for just about 2 month now and have noticed my hair feels very wirery like dolls hair xx

ive been taking tamoifen for just about 2 month now and have noticed my hair feels very wirery like dolls hair xx

My hair seems to be getting very dry and wiry too.

It’s always been long and thick, and my hairdresser used to comment on its lovely condition. Since I’ve been on Zoladex and Tamoxifen - started both in May - more hair seems to fall out when I brush it and it seems to be receding at my temples. I must admit that I’m panicking a bit and wondering if I should get it cut shorter to ease the strain on it (its down to the middle of my back,) I can’t bear the irony of refusing chemo and then losing my hair to ***** hormone therapy! :frowning:

Oh JCJ, you’ll need to see what the hairdresser recommends especially with long luxurious hair, as mine is short with no thinning or hair loss, my hair issues are trivial compared to this.
I would agree that hair texture is def different, I had very fine hair, now it’s clump on top with no length, not very attractive ! only another 3 and a half years to go xx