Tamoxifen and Zoladex combi therapy anyone???

A clinical specialist nurse who works in a cancer centre in Amsterdam treating bc patients, told me in holland they would give me Tam + Zoladex as a matter of course.  I’m 44 and on Tam since April last year but have started my period again two months ago.  I’m going to see the BC surgeon about this next week and like to ask him re Tam in combination with Zoladex.  Anybody else on this combo??  Or is it totally unusual in the UK??



Hi my plan is to start tamoxifen and zoladex after rads. The reason being that my IDC was 8/8 er pos and although tamoxifen blocks oestrogen it can increase the level produced so zoladex will turn off ovaries to reduce levels. Feel a bit uneasy about s effects and the fact I have very bad hot flushes before treatment starts. But I will do what I can to reduce risk. I’m 49. Xx

I’ve been told I’m Idc grade 2 no nodes involved er/pr strongly + had 4th FEC out of 6 then rads and 5/10 years tamoxifen. I have had 1 period so far whilst on chemo they haven’t mentioned zoladex to me. What is it and what are the se . Should I be asking for this? Would really value some of your views thanks xxx

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Whilst you await replies, here’s the BCC link to zoladex information which you may find helpful, please also feel free to call our helpliners to talk any queries through on.0808 800 6000, lines open 9-5 weekdays and 10-2 Sat


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I’ve been reading the boards since June when i was diagnosed with Stage 2 BC, i’ve not posted before but thought i should now to share my experience which might be of some value to someone else as i’ve found it to be for me reading the boards.


So in early July had a mx and there were two tumours total size 6cm, I was told i’d probably have to have chemo and rads but after the op was told that i would not have either. My tumors had a really low proliferation rate, SNB was negative, no vascular invasion and clear margins, I was very lucky. 


I’ve been prescribed Zoladex for 2 years and tamoxifen for 5-10 years as I am 42.


I started the tamoxifen first and took that for two months on its own, if it had side effects I wanted to be sure which was what. I didn’t ask my Onc if the delay in starting zoladex was okay, but when i went back for my 3 month check up they didn’t say it would have been a problem. I have to say that the tamoxifen on its own was okay, there were side effects, hot flushes, some anxiety ( weirdly as not had this really before, mild panic attacks ) and some dizzy spells but they were all quite mild and not so frequent.


So I decided to start the zoladex and have had two injections which left bad bruising. The first month wasn’t too bad for side effects but this second month has been tougher as the hot flushes increased dramatically to around 8 - 10 per 24 hours and my period has now stopped. I really hope the flushes calm down, I was abroad recently and being in a hot climate only made them worse, I’m finally rejoicing in the UK cold weather.


But its a small price to pay given the fact that i’ve not had to have chemo or rads. I switched taking tamoxifen in the night and morning and it doesn’t make much difference but i can say that regular excercise makes me feel so much better, i stopped excercising for a week or so and felt rubbish quite quickly ( I’m not a health nut either ) and also if i drink any alcohol it also makes me feel rubbish too so now only have the odd drink. I also have taken tamoxifen on an empty stomach and its been okay.



Hi, I started tamoxifen in May, started Zoladex In July and had 20 rads finishing at the end of September. The hot flushes were bad during the summer especially at night, which added to the tiredness. Since the weather has got colder the hot flushes are less of a problem. My oncologist says that people often stop the combi treatment because of the side effects but I’m hoping to persevere. I’m on tamoxifen for 5 years and Zoladex for 2. I’m 48 years old.

I was 51 at dx, Feb 2012. 28mm, Grade 3, ER +ve, HER-ve. Chemo was offered, but it wad MY decision to make, as I was borderline as to whether it would be effective. For many reasons, I said “No” to chemo, and my onc immediately advised I had Zoladex for 2 years to induce menopause and reduce oestrogen. I am also on Tamoxifen for 5 years, although, if the Z does it’s stuff, I will transfer to another type of drug, an AI.

I have my Z injections every 3 months - MUCH less hassle that way! - and I can honestly say they have been the easiest part of the whole treatment. I started them the day after my last rads, at the same time as Tamoxifen, and am due to have my last implant in Feb.

Side effects from the combo include crumbling finger nails - cured by taking calcium supplements, thinning hair (but it’s thickened up again now; my hairdresser said it was caused by rads and is common!) dry skin - EVERYWHERE!!) hot flushes, disturbed sleep and tiredness. But most, if not all of those would be SEs of menopause anyway - that’s why so many women take HRT (not an option for us ER+ve ladies)!!!

For me, the stopping of my periods, immediately after 1st injection, was a major benefit, as they were getting heavy and unpleasant. I hope they stay stopped when Z finnishes.

Good Luck with your treatment. Feel free to PM me if you want more info.

I was Dx with grade 2 invasive BC Er/Pr++ in August 2013. After 3 FEC they stopped treatment because it was damaging my liver. I had a WLE in December and my oncologist started me on tamoxifen and zoladex together. It’s been two months now and I’ve had very little side effects, hot flushes but not too bad. I think I’m extremely lucky as I’ve heard some horror stories. Good luck and take each day as it comes x

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