Tamoxifen and Zoladex

Hi. I’ve just done 2.4 yrs on Zoladex and tamoxifen. My clinic was lead on the soft trial: that showed good benefit for younger (-35yrs) but less so for older. I have been pulled off it earlier: certainly no discussion of ovaries only just tamoxifen. I was 41 and single but egg harvested now they are dating I might consider when/ if I use those eggs. I’m 4 months since my last injection but levels are still very low. I’ve had a very crappy time on both but still think it was the best decision if I can eek out the last yrs.

Hi Peartree how are you feeling now? Do you feel better now the injections have finished? Are you working through what to do with your eggs? I have three embryos after a round of Ivf I had in between surgery and chemo but don’t know what to do. Lots of thoughts. Hope you’re OK. Xx

Hi Goldie! There’s been no major change since my last post. In terms of difference there’s been little noticeable difference. I’ve started cramping again, no one knows why. Zoladex had fixed that for me. My levels were still very low which suggests I’m still being suppressed which I think is why I am not seeing a change.
I am still unsure what to do about the eggs for various reasons including being so fatigued the idea of parenthood horrifies me! I’m seeing a fertility nurse and discussing options. The preference is to implant in a natural cycle and take a break from tamoxifen. There’s no point breaking until the levels are back up but I realise that could take ages. That might not be a bad thing. It gives me time to get it good shape and be further along in this yucky journey. It’s a hard decision. Feel free to email mexo

Thanks Peartree.
Know what you mean about the fatigue. It just makes you wonder what’s realistic. I’ve booked for some acupuncture for next week to see if that can make me feel a bit better!! Hope it improves foe you soon xx

I’ll be interested to hear how that goes! My bc nurse suggested that too. It’s great where the hospital funds it. Could you post back on it! :slight_smile:

I am going tomorrow so will let you know!
Sounds complicated re the fertility treatments. My Oh will not consider me coming off treatment to go through Ivf. So we have these sad little embryos that we pay each year to keep stored. Have you looked into surrogacy or anything like that? All of it is complicated which makes me wonder whether some things are not meant to be. I am so sorry about your friend

Hi girls i get the results of the fertility tests in Sept. I have onc appt and possible first zoladex injection tomorrow. I have recently just got my sex drive back thanks goodness, but wanted to know will the zoladex kill it off completely? :frowning: Your experiences of this would be helpful girls. Thanks Dee xxx

Dizzeedee: sex drive back: what is that like? I can not remember! Zoladex is notorious for killing it although a few go the other way. A new partner/a lube trial a year in (tam/zol) and mine was ok but not good. I read a great book years ago about hormones and how faking it in the sense of going through the paces switches things on. I have found that’s true but &@**! It’s very hard to get things going. My girly tissue is like paper: its got worse with time. Keeping it in use definitely helps though and is part of managing it. It can be very difficult though and the first year was not so bad. I speak personally as maybe others are not as badly hit. Hope that’s useful.

Thank you so much Peartree. My sex drive has actuly increased on tamoxifen so fingers crossed. I too am in a new relationship and dont want to be luke a zombie in that department!!! Xxxx

Great stuff DizziDee! Glad you’re having fun. Hopefully mine will pick up too!
Great to hear though :slight_smile:

Fingers crossed for your scan Hopalong. Hope you’re feeling ok. Xx

Hi! I think you made a good call. I wished I’d had my dexa scan before. Depending on your age, the benefit of zoladex added to tamoxifen really varies: I’m glad I took it but my onc who was part of the global study said not necessary in my case. I started both together 6 wks after surgery. I think staggering them makes sense. I did an egg freeze and they gave me tamoxifen at the same time, theory being in protects whilst stimulating. I may never use the eggs, but I don’t regret the decision to freeze because I just couldn’t deal with it then as I was single and had little support.
Best wishes

Had my first Zoladex injection yesterday will keep you informed how i get on. My doctor told me to keep up the sex as you said as it combats vaginal dryness. But thecRoyal Marsden said they have loads of stuff you can take to combat that. Did read on here that the lubricant called ‘Yes’ is fab. Hope you’re all keeping well xxxx

Cant recommend acupuncture enough. Got 6 free sessions at the Royal Marsden. Really helped with fatigue re Rads. After that have been taught how to do the accpunture myself. Also do it for hot flushes too once a week. No hot fulshes as yet and no dimished sex druve bit will keep u infirmed. Thanks for sharing ad it jeeps us all going knowing we’re not alone in this. Second injection here i come xxxxx

Thanks Such that definitely helps :slight_smile:
I need to do better on the weight thing though!!

Sp Suco - horrible auto correct.

I have had no side effects as yet from the two but they did say 2nd injection it can kick in. Any thoughts?? Also i was told if you dont have any side effects for first 6 months you won’t full stop on both tamoxifen and zoladex.

Thanks for that Suco. Makes me feel better. Thats great it was 24 years ago.i was stage 2 aswell lobular. It gives us all hope. Thank you xxxx

Hi Sarah,
I found the tamox to be fine no side effects but i was told by my oncs that Citalopram gets rid of any side effects. Only side effect i have had thus far from Xoladex is low mood. But its nothing compared with the zoladex pretty much guaranteed to stop it recurring. If my mood doesnt lift will just get m Citalopram dose uped as on 20mg which is quite low. Think my low mood might be to do with work though. See my unsymapthtic work biss thread i put up. Hope all goes well for you. Let me know howcyou get on xxxx

Hi. You may be unaware of the tamoxifen/zoladex SOFT trial which published results in 2014. My oncologist was a lead on the study. Results came back that it was most benefit to younger women, esp under 35 that had also been selected for chemo. I feel I was in grey zone but my onc suggested it may have given me less benefit. I’m still glad I did it. Not sure I’d do it again though! Read the study and chat to your oncs about it if you’re unsure.