Tamoxifen and Zoladex

Hi All,

Are there any ladies on here having tamoxifen and zoladex injections? I’ve started tamoxifen and onc wants me to have zoladex too. Be really helpful to hear anyones experiences.
Thanks Dee xxx

Hi Dee, I’ve been having both for the last 2 1/2 years (since the day I was dx!) although was recently changed onto Exemestane instead of tamoxifen. I personally haven’t suffered too many SEs on them, although like all these things it seems to vary from person to person! Good luck with it xx

Thanks Zuzy thats really helpful hope i’m the same as u. How are the injections? And how long will u be on Zoladex in total? Thanks Dee xx

It’s an implant, they’re quite big and its a bit uncomfortable but not the worst thing I’ve had over the last few years. I had monthly ones for the first year then they moved me into 3 monthly which is much more convenient!

When I first started they said 2 years, then that was extended to 5 but I’m actually having my ovaries out in a couple of weeks so have had my last one!

Thanks Zuzy. I’m 44 so dont know if I will be the same as you. Did they suggest to remove your ovaries or did u want it? Also which hospital are you at? Sorry for so many questions but its reassuring to talk to someone whos been through it. Thanks Dee xxx

Hi Dee, When they said that it would be 5 years on zoladex I asked about it, we had a long chat, I tolerate zoladex well so shouldn’t have major menopausal side effects also as I’m 41 my period could return when I stop and I’m worried about the impact of suddenly having lots of oestrogen having suppressed it for so long. i don’t have children so wasn’t an easy decision but like I say seems best for me and I’m nearly 2 years post active treatment so gp, onc and surgeon all felt it was a considered decision and agree! Sorry that’s a bit of an essay but hope it helps, good luck with it Xx

Your exactly like me as i have no kids neither and u summed up how i’m feeling about it. So u had no se’s at all from zoladex? Did u get much bruising on your stomach from the injections? Thanks again Dee xxx

Wouldn’t say none, some hot flushes and achy joints but nothing too bad and has eased with time (or I’ve just got used to it!) sometimes get a bruise from injection, depends on how well doc gives it! Overall though it really hasn’t bern too bad for me and if you really suffer you can stop it!! Xx

Thank you Zuzy. Hope i have similar to you and you’re right if its truly horrible can come off it. Op to have them removed i will consider if suggested at a later date. Do let me know how u get on with your surgery. Hugs Dee xxxxx

Hi Dee (and Zuzy)
I hope you are both ok? Just felt a bit of kinship with you further to your chat.
I have been on tamoxifen for three years now and started Zoladex three months ago when I told my oncologist that my period had returned. I worked myself up a bit worrying about the Zoladex as I’d been through the hot flushes with tamoxifen but to be honest I don’t think it’s been that bad. Although I think my knees are starting to ache a bit (noticed that in yoga) it’s nothing major. I was quite panicked about weight gain but no ballooning has happened. So I hope it’s ok for you. I find I tend to panic loads with all these things and then they are much better than I fear! Also childless and have lots of things running through my head! Sending you a big hug

Goldie sending you a big hug too. We can compare notes on treatment. ??

Ive always been on both so no idea what SEs of one on its own would be but I’d say it’s def worth a try if tamoxifen is really difficult. Xx

I would agree ask about the stats of doing Zoladex alone as opposed to the both. At the end of the day quality of life is very important. Us BC girls want to truly live again not be merely surviving! Xx

Hi All

How are you doing? Did you decide what to do re the Zoladex vs tamoxifen? 

Just a quickie - has anyone else had any knee pain with the zoladex/Tamoxifen combo. 

My knees have progressively started to ache - it’s both I think although one is worse than the other, and I was just wondering if it was normal or whether I should be concerned?

Thanks guys xxxxx



Hi Goldie not started the zoladex yet prob wont till next onc appt in August. One of my oncs said that taking certain anti depressants stops the side effects of tamox. She said because i am on citrolpram that is stopping me have any side effects. Bring it on I say as to daye no side effects and I’ve been on it 2 months?xxxx
I’m having accupunture at the hospital for pist rads fatigue and it can also help with pain and menopausal symptoms with hormone therapy. Worth seeing if your oncs provide it. I highly recommend it. Xxxx

Sorry, just catching up with this. I had really bad joint ache when I first started, esp knees and fingers, much better now but took around 18 months (But remember I had all my treatment during that time which I’m sure contributed to this!!) once I’d finished other treatment i took evening primrose oil and used Neals yard warming balm on my hands xx

Hi Goldie,
Still no side effects from tamoxifen ? I’ll keep taking my little wonder pill to stop them. Had 2 sessions of accupunture now and have to say its got rid of the fatigue in my legs and beginning to feel mych bettter. Had a few odd twinges in my boob during and after rads and its sorted that out. Hope you are doing ok ?xx

Ive got a fertility check appointment so think oncs wont proceed with zoladex until that is sorted. I asked to be checked for my ferility status as i thought it might be something I would regret later if kids is a possibility. Dont know if i’ll do anything about it yet but want to explore options.
I got a bit if knee ache last week too. I have atarted to have sessions of accunpunture at the Royal Marsden and they are helping a treat. Cannot recommend them enough!!! Xxxx Thinking of you allxxxx

I’m at the Marsden too! Sutton Branch, which are you? I had massage whilst I was going through treatment but can’t quite get my head around acupuncture, although apparently it really helps hot flushes as well! Glad it’s working for you.

My op has been postponed which means I have to have another zoladex next week, grrrrr, hopefully this really will be the last one (I’ve already had what I thought was the last one twice!!)

Have a good week ladies xx

Hi Zuzy,

I’mat Chelsea branch but the consultant i see for accupunture does Tuesdays at Sutton. Would really recommend you give her a go she’s fab and you won’t get free sessions after treatment and you’re in open access. Xxx