Tamoxifen & Bad Period Pains seeking other therapy choices

Sadly its 1.30am and I am rocking myself back and forth in the most awful pain. My period came late and its not been to heavy but today was hit with the most painful cramps i have ever experienced with my period it was on par with having a miscarriage and sadly i know that pain all to well it was so so so bad. It eased after 1 hour and had to take co codamol im now experiencing another episode again at 1am.

Before tamoxifen i didn’t have bad periods or pain.

Im really not sure this drug likes me. But im scared to stop taking it as i don’t want my cancer to come back

Im also experiencing emense nausea so much so im on anti sickness tablets. I have only taken tamoxifen for 18 days the nausea started on day 2.

Trying a new brand from tomorrow to try ease the sickness issue.

Any suggestions out there… what other drug can i take thats not tamoxifen if this doesn’t fix itself :sleepy:

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Hello. This sounds awful and I hope it eases for you :pray:t2: When I changed from Letrozole to Tamoxifen my first period was very painful too but this did ease and now my periods are disappearing again thankfully :pray:t2: Hopefully your body will adjust and tolerate it better. Try asking your b.c nurse for advice. Sending you hugs :hugs: xx

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Thankyou thats reassuring to hear. My BC nurse just told me to stop taking it and they would ring me in 5 weeks to see if i was feeling better just in case its not the Tamoxifen. Crazy advice as its definitely the Tamoxifen as i have never been like this before and my petiod was late its never late. Im also not willing to stop taking the Tamoxifen without anything to replace it as im petrified of reacurrance :pleading_face:

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Hello. I was just wandering how you are feeling. Ive been searching a post like this as im.in the same situation. Im day 14 of tamoxifen and ive been having the worst stomach cramps. Feels like heavy period pain. I came off the contraceptive pill in January so i know my body is still adjusting to this. I never had these pains before though. I dont think im due to have a period as only had one two weeks ago. I was wandering if you have been feeling better. I start my radiotherapy tomorrow so its not good timing feeling like this.

Hi I am so sorry you are also feeling bad on Tamoxifen.

I can say that my cramps finally subsided on Sunday. Im hoping you will also only experience it for a short time. Mine was for 3 days but only had x3 very extremely painful episodes the rest was just your can cope with pain.

However Sickness has now hit me again today :sleepy: just lost to what to do. I can’t live like this. :confused:

Ohh no, im so sorry your feeling so sick. I havent experienced any sickness yet, which im glad as just had first radiotherapy treatment. I do fsdl more tired though. How you feeling today?

Hi feeling meh!

Very sleepy just plodding along, ive not taken my tamoxifen this morning switching it to night time as this new brand isn’t making as sick so hoping to feel ill at night rather than during the day.

I’m not too sure how long we are supposed to feel like crap for until we give in to it and quit :sleepy: im usually a none pill taking, put up with pain and get on with it type of person but since being diagnosed with BC ive just been a mess. So not myself.