Tamoxifen / blood tests

Morning everyone,


Saw a post last night about whether blood tests were necessary whilst on Tamoxifen - typically, can’t find the post now … but just wanted to say that the information leaflet that comes with Wockhardt Tamoxifen states quite clearly…“Periodic complete blood counts and liver function tests are recommended during Tamoxifen therapy”.


Hope this clears up any confusion. All the best & take good care xxx, Carol

Frustrating that hardly anybody seems to be offered blood tests then isn’t it ! I responded on that thread too, another user had asked the question, but I asked my oncologist about blood testing for liver function and she said that it wasn’t necessary. I wonder if the monitoring is different from county to county? is anybody having monitoring?

I’m on anastrozole, not tamox, and had my first review in July with doc.  I asked for blood tests (as I’d seen all the s/e mentioned on leaflet!!), and doc agreed … but only due to my age (an elderly 62 grrr).  From full blood count found I have mild neutropenia (no, never had chemo), and will be monitored with another blood test in 3 months, but basically nothing to worry about.  Was a bit miffed about having to ask, as I did think it should be done automatically - we could write a book about everything that could/should be done properly, couldn’t we? Love to you all going through this, but now a year on, I feel in a much better place. :catvery-happy:

I’ve been on Tamoxifen for 17 months and never had a blood test,I will ask at my next check up in April Xx