Tamoxifen & Bodily Smells

Hi all, I know this is not pleasant but I have been on Tamoxifen for 6 months and I am sure that my urine has become much more stronger smelling since then (as though I am not drinking enough, but I am!).


My GP and breast care nurse say it could be the cause but are not sure.  I just wondered if anyone else had this problem?



Thanks in advance


Hi strebord
I have noticed a definate heightened sense of smell since I started tamoxifen (the cats’ litter tray drives me up the wall and I can smell someone smoking three streets away!). It could be just this rather than your urine actually being stronger smelling? I am forever smelling things that nobody else can smell. x

Hi  I’m on anastrazole and have the same problem. I definitely have a stronger sense of smell and have noticed that urine is deeper in colour and stronger smelling. I wondered whether it was from herceptin but could be the hormone tabs.

Hi! I’m relieved to see these comments: I’ve always had a strong sense of smell and noticed an odd smell in my urine prior to diagnosis. When it came back again it made me feel really nervous I had mets. I know that there’s a thread elsewhere on people (as well as cancer sniffing dogs), but is this caused by something else? It does seem to come and go and I’m wondering if it’s hormonal. I dragged my partner into the loo the other day and he says he can smell it. It’s not asparagus but it’s got a bit of that characteristic for those who have the asparagus smelling gene!!