Tamoxifen Brand Change

My pharmacist is no longer able to source my Teva 2x10mg Tamoxifen tablets, and I’m extremely nervous about changing brands. When I first started Tamoxifen in 2020 (for 10 years) I did a lot of research and Teva sounded like the most popular brand, with least side effects. This was in Canada. I had months of dizziness and hot flushes but it settled down and I tolerated it well. Then I moved home to the UK and had to switch to 2x10mg and I did have a tough 2-3 months with mood swings etc - maybe some different ingredients here in the UK. Now I have to switch again and it feels a lot to cope with alongside some other things going on. I know side effects are personal to an extent, but what brands do people find best?

Hi kc2019

I would suggest checking with other pharmacies as they all stock different makes. I had problems getting the variety I was on during the pandemic and found a pharmacy that could only get the brand I needed (I’d tried others and suffered too much so stuck with the original brand). You can ask your normal pharmacy to put the prescription back on the spine and then the pharmacy that does have it in stock can retrieve the script from the spine (they know how to it).
Good luck and stick with what suits you, not what the pharmacy finds easiest to source!

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Hi, I’m taking Tillomed (20mg) which seems to be the current brand supplied by Boots and Superdrug. I’ve only been on it for about a month but it seems to be ok for me, only minor side effects, nothing significant so far. I thought it was making me light headed but it turns out that was due to my painkillers :woman_facepalming:t3:

Hi @kc2019

A similar question came up at my support group recently and one of the BCN team who organized the group said that it’s a good idea to speak to small I dependent Pharmacies as the large chains order in bulk and so get whatever is most readily available but that if they know you are going to come to them regularly an independent or small firm will try to order in specifically for you .

I hope that added to the info above this will be id some help. Xx