Tamoxifen brand-your experience

I’m 54 and premenopausal.
I had a grade 3 IDC (44mm), clear nodes and my oncotype score was 2.
I had radiotherapy in July/August (15).
I started tamoxifen 20mg in June on a brand called RelonChem. I initially had a few flushes and night sweats but it settled down. Now I can’t get this brand.
I have been taking Crescent brand for a couple of weeks and I hate it. I cannot sleep, my flushes and night sweats have increased. I am so tired and emotional.
What brand works best for you?
I feel so pathetic making a fuss, I just want to sit and cry and thats not me.
Thanks in advance.


It’s not pathetic at all lots of us respond better / worse to different brands . I’m no longer on Tamoxifen but I remember trailing round pharmacies in tears trying to
find someone who would order Teva brand for me . I think it may vary from person to person how a particular brand affects you . Some people have asked GP to state a particular brand on their prescription but if the pharmacy can’t order them back to square one . Hope you can get your preferred brand soon or find one that suits you .

@Jill1998 thanks for reply. Still hunting for them. I had a few of the old brand tablets and I took one last night and I slept! So I’m feeling less emotional this morning.
As you say I may have to try another brand rather than trying to hunt for the holy grail.

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Hi red

As Jill says, it can vary from person to person. And also it maybe because it’s early days for you on tamoxifen. After 3 years, I find it doesn’t seem to matter what brand I get, and certainly my local pharmacy will not stock a particular brand. I have enquired about it in the past though, and Superdrug were willing to do that. Either in the shop or online. Might be worth asking?
Best wishes
Sue xx

Thanks for mentioning Superdrug, I hadn’t thought of them.

Anyway I rang around a few more and I found some. I’m like a Cheshire :smile_cat:

Also from looking at the ingredients a brand called Milpharm is identical.

Feeling happier and thank you x

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Hi there. I’ve been on RelonChem Tamoxifen for almost 2 years and will switch to Letrozole in 2 months. The RelonChem brand has been great for me and I’ve never had much in the way of side affects. It certainly seems to be a popular brand. Just picked up my repeat today and it’s Crescent Pharma too. Never had this before and I’m also a bit worried it will be a baddy! Fingers crossed.

Hi Frances55,
I hope you get on ok with the new brand. If you don’t ask for another prescription and try to source them.
Fortunately I found a chemist with some but I think I will be searching again soon as they only had one box left.
I do find it disappointing that the pharmacy think we are being difficult, it took alot for me to take them in the first place, so I don’t want a reason to stop.

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