Tamoxifen causing altered liver function

Hi I have a raised liver function and high ferritin levels and have had to see a Haematologist to see if I had a genetic condition called Haemochromatosis.  I had the genetic test for this which came back today negative.  I apparently inherited one faulty gene but this should not cause these high ferritin levels.   I am 10 months post WLE for a grade 1  size 7mm tumour in left breast.  Margins were clear no lymph node involvement I had radiotherapy and am on Tamoxifen since last May 2016.  I have always been fairly healthy before this only had a hysterectomy prior to BC diagnosis.  I want to keep taking Tamoxifen and will discuss this at my check up 29/03/17 with the breast care team however just wondered if anyone else has had altered blood tests.



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I have been on tamoxifen  20mg for 1 year now. I take half in the morning and half at night. I get hot flashes and terrible sweats, always feel overheated and miserable. Have had several blood tests done because my ferritin levels are at 492, like you, I am going to genetic testing for hemochromatosis…none of my doctors can explain the reason why. I am sincerely thinking of either changing meds or quitting tamoxifen, period. I have no real quality of life, going thru menopause a second time at 70 is intolerable. I also have been experiencing bone pain and anxiety when leaving my house, fear or having hot hot flashes and sweating, making me feel weak…what to do. Are you still on tamoxifen