Tamoxifen - Change to night time dose, but new sideaffectss?

Has anyone had a similar experience. Switched the time of day of taking tamoxifen to nighttime(advised at BCC info day could help reduce hot flushes… and it did - good tip), but have had some serious skin itching going on ever since I made the time switch.

So bad had to take antihisatmine. Feels like nettle stings, something crawling on me, all over the place.

Have I swapped one sideaffect for another? Asked my onc this today, and he said wont get itchy if not been itchy before… but this does not convince me. He confirmed that some people get itching, and its on the list in the packet. As usual, they say it only happens in unusual cases… is this true? Makes some logical sense to me that if you do something different (change time taking the tablet) to kick start a reduction in a sideaffect, is it not logically possible that one of the other sideaffects might kick off?

Be glad to hear if anyone has had similar. Otherwise I may be going off my head???


00Jan. Sorry cannot help you myself. I take my Tamoxifen at night but have never had the itching you seem to have. Hopefully it will settle down soon and disappear. Maybe someone else will be able to help you but Anthisan cream is good for itching. Hope you get relief soon. Joyce.xx

Thanks Joyce

I seem to be a bit unusual, but asking “the girls” out here is the best way to find out.

The itching has subsided a bit more now, which makes me think, yeah temporary re-settling thing.

Glad to hear you are settled and hopefully doing well. Just the countdown of how much longer to go eh?

Thanks again
Janice xx

hi Jan

the tamoxifen causes drying out effects… these can be constipation, dry eyes, dry furry mouth, drying itchy scalp or skin…

i have all of the above to vary degrees… i have a big pot of aqueous cream i use for my skin… its mostly my legs or bum cheeks that get itchy for no apparent reason… usually at bed time or 1st thing in the morning.

its not related to the time of day you take the tamox more to do with the length of time your on them i think.

the side effects do get more manageable in time as use just kinda get used to them.


Hi I find Palmer’s cocoa butter very good.

Elaine xoxo

Thanks for that Lulu - I’ve had an itchy scalp ever since I finished chemo / started on tamoxifen and at first thought it was as a result of my hair coming back…

Theresa x

I had nausea, weight gain, night sweats in first three months of taking Tam and then lost them and got joint pain, itchy skin and face rash. Consultant says side effects and for the rash and itchy skin Cetirizine Dihydrochloride and cortisone topical. It also came for about 3 months but has now diminished somewhat. Still get such itchy skin but comes and goes. My ankles with joint pain are the worst and the cramp leaves me with a limp for 24 hours. Tonic water for that one.

I think the longer your on it the more chance of different SE popping up.

Hope it all settles soon for you.

I take Fermara but also get this itching, especially on my scalp, I know its not when my hair wants washing because its the same when I’ve just washed it.

I found some shampoo called Phillip Kingsly apparently he formulated it for his wife when she was undergoing treatment for cancer, has helped a bit but not completely.

I don’t know if its not one thing its another.


Thank you for all those posts of info.

And the tips. Onc says ok to take antihistamine for long term regual use, so I will. Been a nightmare.

Hope all our skin comes out of this, glowing and gleaming with gorgeousness!!!

I am just so glad to hear I am not going crazy…thank you xxx

i take my Tamoxifen at night too and when i’m hot during the day from the sun my skin goes very prickly and itchy until i’ve cooled off, so can’t stay out in the heat for long.