Tamoxifen - Cold Feet

Hi Ladies,

This is a bit of a weird one but thought I’d check it out here before mentioning to my Onc on Tuesday.

I’ve been on Tamixifen for 2 months now and have noticed that despite my tropical flushes getting more intense - I seem to wake up most mornings with ice cold feet! I know it’s liveable with but I’m finding it bizarre! I’m not having any problems with joints other than a little stiffness.

Has anyone else had anything similar?

Thanks for reading


do you know what anne, i have the same!! didnt think about possible link to tam til i read your post. freezing. all the time and im usually the one opening windows and turning the thermostat down. weird! or maybe its a derby thing??? lol! hope you are well and good luck with the onc app! alex xxxxxx


Thank you - I thought I was cracking up!! They are so icy cold that it wakes me up - we’re off to Morocco next weekend, it’ll be interesting to see if it happens there? If it does, it can’t be a Derby thing! Lol

Apart from that getting fitter thanks - how’s you?


oooh lucky you!! im good thanks.morocco fab,my sister lived there for a couple of years. have a super time.had a chilled school hols, back to school and work on monday.(kind of ready for it!) all the best again with dr wooden on tues!!! xxxx

Haha - love Dr Wooden!! xx

:slight_smile: but you know what i mean!? xxx