Tamoxifen continuos bleed

Im 53 years old and have been taking tamoxifen for 8 years after having breast cancer. On the advice of my oncologist i stopped taking it 13 weeks ago and have bled continuosly ever since. Sometimes lighter then flooding. I was recently in hospital with extremely high blood pressure that was at crisis point & had to have IV meds to try to bring it down, they also found out that my blood sugars were very high so im now on 2 different types of insulin. I mentioned the bleeding & they have sorted out an urgent scan fir the 7th of next month. Im really worried :worried: I have so much going on health wise i feel like my body is fighting itself. Its also making me very sore from wearing pads, ive tried occasionally using tampons but they make my stomach hurt after a day or so. Help :cry:


Just sending you a big hug , sorry you are having such a horrible time . Hopefully the nurses will reply tomorrow with some advice but yiy could also post on the Hormone therapy section or the Recovering from treatment section .

Thank you. This year has been one thing after another. I have 2 chronic illnesses already and then the BP problems, then now being diabetic its all so overwhelming. Monday i slept all day my bidy is just so tired.

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I can understand ,I also have a chronic illness that causes pain and fatigue and multiple othef issues , it makes it a lot harder to cope with extra health stuff on top of it doesn’t it .

Hi Donnabk

Thanks for posting.

It sounds as though you’ve really been struggling with this continuous bleeding since stopping tamoxifen along with your other health issues.

Tamoxifen can affect the lining of the womb (uterus) and it can become thickened and shed, a bit like a normal period. For some women taking tamoxifen, they do experience heavy continuous bleeding which is likely why your oncologist suggested you stop taking it.

I understand this is a worrying time but it’s good to hear that you have a scan booked for next month. It might be a good idea to contact your GP and make an appointment to discuss your current health issues including the bleeding, to see if there is anything else they can help you with.

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