tamoxifen contradictions

Hi all
I spoke to by breast care nurse yesterday and she advised that Warfarin is the only drug not to be taken with Tamoxifen. Having been prescribed Sertraline I need to be certain. I’ve read so many different opinions, what is true ?

Hi ProjectKylie,
I would suggest you check with a pharmacist…medications being their thing, plus they have to keep up to date with new findings and medications etc.

I think you should speak to your oncologist. They should be able to advise you. X

If you google anti depressants and tamoxifen, Sertraline is one of those not recommended with Tamoxifen.

Venlafaxine (best) and Citalopram are the more recommended ones. I’d definately run it by the BCN or oncologist as the one you have been prescribed is recorded as interfering with the action of Tamoxifen.