Tamoxifen creaky, achy bones part 2

Hi Nurse_BCN

blue 80

Thanks for your advice about Tamoxifen. I was getting pain around my back and neck and crunching in the neck and jaw area. I raised concerns with the oncology team. They suggested taking paracetamol and persisting as they say the effects often diminish. The pain seems to have eased off considerably, but I’m still getting clicking, squelching and clunking in my neck and jaw bone.

I requested a bone scan, as suggested by Bibi44, since I was worried that I may be prone to getting Osteoporosis. Fortunately it is normal, just normal wear and tear, although I’m concerned that once put onto AIs this could worsen.

One of you suggested diet, strontium and resistance training. Do you have any more info on that pls?

Many thanks for the help. Take care.