Tamoxifen - different brand?

Hi everyone
I have been taking Tamoxifen for around 11 months now. I was given the Genesis 6 brand. Doesn’t seem to be too many side effects apart from hot flushes. These are starting to get me down. I know you can be prescribed antidepressants etc to try to make the hot flushes better, but don’t want to go down that route. Is anyone on a different brand where the hot flushes aren’t that bad? I thought things would have improved by now.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions


Hi there. Could I ask when your hot flushes started? I have been on tamoxifen for a month on RelonChem branded tablets and not noticed any hot flushes as yet. Might be too soon though I guess.

I’ve been on tamoxifen for nearly 2 years and I find the Tilomed brand suits me best.
I take them In the morning and don’t really get hot flushes during the day but a few in the night which are bearable. I do find I have insomnia and have to get up in the night to go to loo more which has happened since I’ve been taking them though!
I am past menopause age which may be why but hope this helps

I am on Letrozole and I have horrendous hot flushes but they are, in the main, due to the absence of HRT - not the Letrozole. I know that because I stopped HRT a good few months before I started the letrozole and I was already up to about 17 flushes a day. I just wonder whether yours could be the same? News today that a new “game changing” drug (Veoza) has been approved so let’s hope the NHS will hurry up and provide it for us!!!

I take Gabapentin, excellent for them . I’ve had no side effects and has cut the hotties by about 90%

I’m having a 4-6 week holiday from Letrozole as my joints were hurting. I think they’ll try something else next.

The brand I was on was Accord and, for me, was better than the other brands I’d tried - I too had awful hot flushes and at 78 it was too much to go through again! Good luck.

I find taking the Tamaxofen late afternoon or early evening helps.

I have recently been prescribed Gabapentin for another non related issue and the night flushes do seem less.