Tamoxifen - different brands, different side effects?

I have a feeling this subject may already be out there, sorry if so!  But I was wondering if anyone else on Tamoxifen has noticed different or exacerbated side effects with different brands?  I am currently taking 20mg branded Mylan which I have not had before, and since starting it 2 weeks ago my leg cramps have got so much worse and I am now also suffering from, dizziness, lack of concentration and memory, mouth ulcers and “personal itching” which I haven’t had before.


However, I dont know why this should be - surely they all have to use the same ingredients and manufacturing methods?



Hi Piplington,

I think you may find more information about this on the “Going through treatment/hormone therapy” section of the forum.  I’ve attached a link for you:


I hope this helps.

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Hi Piplington,

I’ve been on tamoxifen since Auguat last year. Was originally on Teva brand, but decided to change due to increased flushing. Have been on Wockhardt for 4 months, but have decided to go back to Teva next time. Apparently, although all the tamoxifen has the same active ingredient, they all have different coatings on the tablets, and I think it may be these that cause the side effects. The Wockhardt is now not only giving me flushes, but full body sweats which are getting worse all the time. Would love to give the damn things up, but just too scared because I was ER8+. Have discussed this with my onc, but she’s really pushing me to keep taking the tablets. So will try Teva again next time and hope the side effects are bit better this time. Good luck with which ever brand you’re on. Ann x x

Thanks both. You are lucky to have such a helpful pharmacist Gilly, I dont think I have seen the same one twice at my local pharmacy!  I did have a prescription review with one pharmacist but she wasnt much help unfortunately, there is also no privacy but thats a moan for another day :smileyhappy: Next time I put my repeat in I’ll make a note on it and ask for TEVA.  Weeannie1 I had no idea the coatings may be the issue, what on earth are they coated in I wonder! I dont know your ages but I bet its labelled “misery for middle age women” !!


A part of me feels I shouldnt really be complaining about the side effects, they are better than the alternative but isn’t it hard to move on with your life when you are coping with so much!


I wish you both all the best with your continuing treatments and a long and happy life!