Tamoxifen - different brands = different side effects?!

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I’m not sure if anyone else has found this, but since I’ve started on Tamoxifen I’ve found that I have different side effects on different brands. The one that suits me best is made by APS. Ever since I was on it I was relatively side effect free and had no problems at all after the initial couple of weeks.

When I picked up my most recent prescription it was made by CP Pharmaceuticals instead. I have had nothing but trouble with them so have thankfully gone back to using the ones made by APS. On the CP ones I had every side effect imaginable!

Is it just me, or have you found that different brands can result in different side effects?? If anyone is suffering on Tamoxifen I would defo recomment trying another brand, its amazing what a difference it can make!

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Hi Kelly

I was interested in your question as I have just posted one about Tamoxifen as I have the opposite problem - no side effects at all.

In fact, I checked the brand after I read your comment and found that the one I am using is, in fact, made by CP Pharmaceuticals and I get no problems or side effects whatsoever!

It’s a strange old world, but I guess we all react differently to different brands. However, in my case the odd side effect or so would just give me a bit of reassurance that it’s working!

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I’m taking CP too and so far very few side effects (only been taking for 3 weeks tho). I do wonder whether it aggrevates existing conditions? I also suffer from arthritis and this has definitely been worse in the past 3 weeks. Someone on another thread said it had made their excema flare up.
Are we supposed to drink while taking Tamoxifen? I always take mine with evening meal and my OH laughs as I swig it down with wine!!!
There was a thread on another BC site regarding different brands-those ladies seem to advocate trying to find one brand that suits you best and then stick to it. Apparently Chemists can order in whichever brand you need.
Good luck girls
Love Gill xx

I’m new in this field as I just signed up to this forum. Actually my English is somewhat poor, coz I from Singapore. I have been taking tamoxifen from last April 2007 and suffered all the side effects. Hot flash, giddy, vomit, faint, pain, sweating, no sleep at night… even with aircon. Mine brand is Nolvadex(AstraZeneca). Did anybody try this brand? Now I am worry about my low fever symptom these days. It started again at late afternoon about 6 to 8 pm. 37degree to 37.5degree. I don’t know whether this is another type of side effect or new sign of breast cancer relapse as this is exactly the same as I was first diagnosed at Feb2007. Can anybody help me to explain? Much thanks!

I started tamoxifen Aug 06, and first 3 prescriptions were fine, even though all different brands, but my fourth lot were awful, I went and had a chat with the pharmicist in my local boots to ask what was my chance of not having this particular brand again (cant remember which one it was now) and he told me no guarantees as the brand they had delivered would be the same to all the other chemists as it would be what ever was cheapest that week. He advised me to ask my GP to prescribe Nolvadex D as its branded and I would never have to mix again.

Have been on Nolvadex D for nearly a year, the only real noticeable side effect is about 8lb weight gain, I now have tamoxifen hips, so working on that at the moment.


Hi All

Just putting my two pen’orth in . I started on the Generics Tamoxifen, 20mg tabs and suffered constant crippling nausea, aching, hot flushes every two minutes it seemed. Then got my prescription renewed and am on CP Pharmaceuticals ones. I have 10 mg now so that I could take 1/2 at a time to see if that made a difference. However I can take them both at the same time and the side effects have significantly eased. Except for hot flushes all night some nights! I have been taking them with ginger extract tabs though for stomach problems so that might have made a difference with the nausea

I do have painful thumbs and achy feet though but don’t know if this is related to the tabs.

Cecelia. x

The pharmacist at the hospital who gave me my first prescription of Arimidex, told me to make sure I asked my GP for future prescriptions to have the brand named one and not any generic ones.

Hi All

I too had similar side effects with different makes of Tamoxifen, Novladex made me feel very very tired and my legs ached so much walking and exercising was a problem. I am now and have been for nearly a year been taking Tamoxifen made by CP Pharmaceuticals and i have no weight gain no joint pain its brill the only thing i can say i havent got rid of is tiredness and slight noghtsweats and also PERIODS!!! This is what i am waiting for lol.

Hope you are all well
Allison x

Just bumping this up

I’m the eczema lady! I’m on CP pharamaceuticals, and have had terrible skin - spots as well as eczema and hypersensitivity to face products. I’ve also gained weight and have hot flushes and have been oh so tired.
Suddenly in the past couple of days, though, my skin’s improved - absolutely no idea why. I’ve been on it since the new year.
Isn’t it great to be able to compare notes on here?
love to all
Jacquie x

Hi - started taking Nolvadex in December - I’ve had two months of hot flushes but after that the hot flushes have mostly gone and I feel pretty good. The only thing I have noticed is that I have a great set of boobs since I have been taking it. Infact someone asked me recently if I had had a boob job! I am putting it down to the drugs by both my boobs seem firmer and perkier than ever before (there has to be a silver lining somewhere I guess).

Anyone else experienced this?

Gosh, this is a steep learning curve. Post-op appt Weds to get treatment plan and expect hormone therapy as ER+. I thought tamoxifen was tamoxifen, and that was that. Questions, questions… Lyn xx


Very interesting reading all the comments. I have been on CP Pharmaceuticals Tamoxifen for about 6 months. All was well to start with - no problems at all and I think my hot flushes even improved a bit (I’m 54 so was going through the change anyway). However, there has been a big deterioration in the last month or so - I was so exhausted yesterday I had to go to bed. Some days after work I just come home and go to bed and my left foot doesn’t work properly any more - the ankle won’t bend and I have to limp about till I can get it moving again, and my whole body is “creaky”, I used to be pretty fit. Also the arthritis in my hands has been a bit worse since I’ve been on Tamoxife although I put this down to me eating more gluten products as I had already given up wheat so now I’m trying to be gluten free. I’m hoping all my symptoms are due to side effects of Tamoxifen and I’m off to the doctor tomorrow to see what they say and try and get a branded prescription. Will keep you posted.