Tamoxifen- eye damage

  • Hi I’m new here.  I had surgery 9 weeks ago and I’m waiting for radiotherapy.

  • I have been prescribed tamoxifen but as I only have sight in one eye I am concerned about cataracts and other eye damage.

  • Does anyone experience this symptom?

  • Thanks in advance.

Hi @Red25  

I was prescribed Tamoxifen but having had a central retinal vein occlusion ( CRVO) which left me with poor sight in my left eye I was afraid to take it especially as I had been told that I was already at a higher than normal risk of having another CRVO anyway. 

I discussed it with my Oncologist who said I shouldn’t take it as a vein occlusion is a thrombotic event and I was changed to Anastrozole . This was only possible because it turned out that I was post - menopausal . 

If you are in doubt about your menopausal status I would recommend having a blood test at your surgery to find out before starting hormone therapy, as it can affect what treatment you can have .

At my last appointment with my Opthalmic Consultant I asked about eye problems secondary to Tamoxifen and he confirmed that he has treated people for this .

I would discuss it with your Breast treatment team and make sure they haven’t overlooked ( no pun intended) your eye problem as they did mine . Medical professionals who don’t treat eye problems, don’t  fully appreciate the way those of us with sight problems feel and how precious our remaining vision is to us. ( that’s my impression). 

If you take it I feel it would be reasonable and sensible to get your eyes properly examined as well as vision checked every 6 months or so. This would also give you some peace of mind . 

You could also post a question in the Ask the Nurses section and see if they have any insight / information .

Take care 

Joanne x