Tamoxifen - foot and leg cramps

Hi all, I’ve been taking Tamoxifen for just over 2 weeks and last night had the worst cramps in both feet and legs, it came on early evening and lasted for about an hour. Panic mode set in (never used to be such a pessimist!) and i checked myself for any sign of DVT but thankfully nothing visible. I guess its a side effect. Anyone else have this? I was hopping round the room, it was horrible. Any tips for if it happens again? Many thanks xx

hi mrsorangecat,
I understand this is commonly reported with tamox, I have also noticed this, but it hasn’t been that troublesome for me.
I have found that stretching helps & I also do some yoga exercises.
ann x

Thanks Ann, I was thinking about looking for a yoga class, this may well give me a push to find one. ? Yes I did find stretching it helped, together with some serious yelping lol!

Mum also mentioned tonic water to me so im going to get some today, apparently the quinine in it may help.

Thanks again xx

MrsOC, I use the ‘yoga studio’ app as its then much easier to do what you feel you want to at home.
The classes are well demonstrated & explained & cater for all levels of ability, including relaxation meditation. It has been very well reviewed.