Tamoxifen for Triple Negative ???

Has anyone with TNBC been offered tamoxifen. I ahve tnbc but the ER was +2 which is considered negative but in the USA they would consider this TN but still offer and treat with tamoxifen. Is there anyone in the UK in this situation or can offer any thoughts on this ??

Hi Brewster

                   My ER was + 3  and I am negative on pr/her but my onc felt I would benefit from tamoxifen ive been on it for 19 months now


L x 

I was ER+4 and was told as I was ‘weakly’ positive I would benefit from taking Tamoxifen.  I’ve been on it for 3 years now. All very confusing!

Thanks again Maryland. Have had EC and currently on taxol but can’t have rads as have had it already to the chest as a youngster which is ironically the cause of the BC. So as I can’t have rads am keen to have everything else they can throw at it. Will ask about hormone treatment as in my mind a +2 is still a plus if that makes sense

Thanks again xxx

Hi I am in Ireland. I have TNBC and on my last chemo I was given a prescription to have made up after I had completed my Radiotherapy. I completed it 3 weeks ago. Now I have not yet had it made up as I am concerned about side effects. However after reading some posts I may go ahead. To be honest, I dont know what to do. I am 49 and suffer with awful joint pain due to arthritis. Reading that this also causes bone pain puts me off. Im in quite a quandry.

Hi Lainey,welcome to the forum.Everybody does seem different in the side effects they get from Tamoxifen ,some people have very few side effects beyond the odd hot flush,different brands of the drug also seem to produce different side effects .I had some joint pain for the first couple of months but after that it settled down so it may be worth trying it for a few weeks see how it affects you .Jill.