Tamoxifen fun

Hi folks,


I’m supposed to be starting tamoxifen & wondering if some of you could maybe let me know what fresh delights of side effects I can expect from this?!


I’ve been through a mastectomy & reconstruction, 6 rounds of chemo & am in the midst of radio & am starting to feel like I’ve reached saturation point in treatments & I’m still considering whether or not to take the Tamoxifen.  All the way through I’ve resisted Googling what side effects or consequences of each stage are; my thinking being that I have to do it anyway, so why scare the poop out of myself before it starts?!!!  However, I’d like to know now what I’m letting myself in for so I can think about if I want more poison swishing about inside me!


If you have had any side effects & fancy a good moan, would you please let me know?


Thank you!


Hi Janeypie

Whilst you wait for the other users to reply with their support and experiences you might find it helpful to read the BCC factsheet on tamoxifen, it has information on the different side effects.  If you would like to order a copy or read this online just use the link below:-


I hope this is helpful.

Best wishes Sam, BCC Facilitator

Hi Janeypie,
You have been through some difficult challenges, no wonder you feel like you are getting to your limits.
You’ll find lots of posts about Tamoxifen here on BCC describing the side effects. Some ladies find Tamoxifen causes intolerable s/e whereas others find it OK. We are all individuals.
From my own experience, (took it for 4 months) the s/e were the well documented menopausal symptoms but in the 4th month my body temperature suddenly became constantly overheated. Add to this, chronic fatigue, very dry eyes, dry mouth, fuzzy head, bad dreams and aching joints. Quality of life…ZERO!!!
My oncologist switched me to Anastrozole three weeks ago. Wow!!! I almost feel normal. So far I’m having minimal s/e and now realise how terrible I felt on Tamoxifen.
You may get on OK with Tamoxifen. Unfortunately, no one knows how they will react until they take the drug.
I’m ER+ 100% so hormone therapy is a ‘must’ in my mind to reduce the risk of recurrence.
Good luck with your decision.
Peace and Positivity,
M x

Hi Janeypie,
I too just started on Tamoxifen and took my 7th one today. I am ready to do a heal click in the air because I haven’t ha any side effects yet. I was hesitant because I am sensitive to meds but I doing great so far! I sorry to hear all that you’ve been through and wish you much luck on this med. Take care :slight_smile:

Hi J

You sound like you have been through so much, I have only just registered on here, as I was after some answers myself.

I think looking at the discussions on here so far, everybody seems to be so different regarding the symptoms

I personally havent felt very well since starting Tamoxifen in April 2012, The hot flushes and night sweats were to start with very challenging, but they have calmed down a fair bit now. The weight gain has been a shock as I have put on 1 1/2 stones, I have been dieting but im only loosing 1/2 pound a week, so think its going to take a long time.

I have felt very tired,to start with my brain just didnt work properly, i was all over the place but thats better ish now. I have upset stomachs, headaches, nausea to name a few. but I wouldnt feel safe coming off the Tamoxifen. At the start I felt so ill that I spoke to my Consultant and he said that I could take half the dose in the morning and half at night time. After a while I did start to see the difference.

I can still work and function ok

I wish you all the best



:womanhappy:Thank you so much for all your feedback on this ladies; it seems to be a real mixture of SE’s to the Tamoxifen so I’ve my fingers crossed for none.  I’m only 32 & haven’t had a family yet so all the menopause chat is very alarming, but I suppose I can always come off it again…  But Monday is the day it starts!!!


Thank you again ladies & hoping for health & happiness for us all!