Tamoxifen hair loss

Has anyone tried minoxidil to combat hair loss caused by Tamoxifen or other anti-hormone medications? It’s also sold as Rogaine, Minoxicutan and many other names. I’m keen to hear any details of other people’s experiences with these products.

I see that many people have seen my question but no answers yet. Perhaps everyone thinks I’m a market researcher or something! I had a lumpectomy and radiation therapy earlier this year and am now on Tamoxifen which is making my hair fall out. I could stand the pain of the op and the radiation burns, but this is even more distressing than looking at my mutilated breast. With all the posts from others about hair loss, surely someone must have tried minoxidil products. I’d be very grateful for any replies whatsoever. I chose this username because recently I’ve often felt as if I was already half dead, but I tried to make it a bit more positive in a sort of glass half full / half empty kind of way.



ive been using Nioxin too since I lost my hair following chemo. It certainly helped, but it is beginning to thin again - I think because I’m now taking Anastrazole. Try and find a hair dresser who uses Nioxin as there is a treatment they can use before washing the hair. They leave it on 10 minutes before using the shampoo and conditioner