Tamoxifen & hair...positive experiences needed please..I'm scared to start!

Hi all


I saw my oncologist for the first time this week and he gave me my first prescription for Tamoxifen. I’m due to start rads in a few weeks following my recent mx with tissue expander. I hadn’t expected to be starting tamoxifen until after rads so was a bit surprised. I picked up my prescription from hospital pharmacy and got the Relonchem brand. I haven’t started them yet as I am just so scared of side effects especially hair thinning.I have read so many bad experiences of hair thinning, many women saying that their had thinned a lot but as they had thick hair to start with they could live with it. The thing is I already have thin, fine hair. Its something I’ve always been paranoid about. At the moment its passable but if it thinned even a small amount it would be noticeable especially at the front.


So …after all that preamble (!!) my question is has anyone had positive experiences with their hair whilst on tamoxifen, as in no thinning? Also any tips on tamoxifen brands which seem to work best for hair and supplements, treatments, shampoos etc that have helped would be very gratefully received.


I fully appreciate that tamoxifen is there to help me fight my corner but at the moment the thought of my hair thinning further …and that being ongoing for 5 + years…is very hard to deal with.


Looking forward to some positivety!


Thank you xxx



Hi Angel Blue,


I have been on Tamoxifen for about a year and started mine before radiotherapy. I am on Wockhardt brand and take it in the morning. I was really nervous about starting.


For a few days I was nauseous and had a “heavy” feeling in my legs and this settled down after a couple of weeks.


I suffer badly with leg cramps but find a banana a day plus a magnesium supplement keep these relatively under control. The hot sweats are also manageable.


I have not suffered with any hair loss at all.


Just so you know I also have a zoladex injection, to suppress my ovaries, every 28 days.


We are all different and side effects can effect people differently. Mine are certainly manageable.





Hi angelblue,

Hair thinning is not necessarily a given, not everyone gets it, as with any of the side effects mentioned.

I have had some slight hair thinning, but it’s really not noticeable & I’m ok with that. I do use Nioxin shampoo & conditioner which I saw recommended here.

See how you go, it may be all ok & if issues arise, then deal with it then.

ann x

Hi Angela,
It will move on, all we can do is get on with what’s recommended, try not to overthink it & deal with any issues IF they arise - easier said than done though!
I remember getting very anxious about tamox beforehand & reading experiences here is not necessarily helpful as understandably, those with problems will post, not those who are ok. As it turned out, for me, it’s all been ok
I was on Wockhardt & am now on Relonchem & it hasn’t made any difference.
Wishing you well with it all
ann x