Tamoxifen headache

Hi - I’ve been searching through the forums and on the net but haven’t found very much. I only started tamoxifen a few days ago but have had a headache ever since. Has anyone else experienced this? I would like to know if it will pass or do I have a 5 year headache to look forward to?


Hi Alexamay,

I’m not sure what the Tamoxifen is doing to me - its not giving me headaches though. You could try taking food, even milk to line your stomach before the tablet. Some people take the tamoxifen at night, with Evening Primrose (not sure what that does for you though)that may help. I have been taking it since end of May, but I take other tablets related to Rheumatology and Indigestion.
You are supposed to take the Tam. each day at the same time, but I have been to the hospital for Rads this week so my time has changed slightly.
Try reading all the letters related - I know I have posted a couple myself on this same topic.
Please write back on the same thread if you have any more concerns.
Best Wishes
ps Hope you find an answer!!

Hi alexamay09 I had severe headaches for eight weeks and eventually went to my GP because I really thought had a brain tumour(panic as usual)and he said it is a side effect of Tam.I know not many people seem to have that SE but I certainly did.He put me on co codamol tablet and that seem to help mine.It could have been worry that was making mine worse but thankfully now they have eased greatly.Hope you manage to get some relief if not see your GP and they can prescribe something to help them.Good luck Joyce xx

Thanks girls. Feeling better today, so praying the headache thing has just been a glitch. Scobie - poor you, I don’t know how you managed for 8 weeks!
alex :slight_smile:

Alexamay 09 Hope you have managed to keep your headaches at bay and it was only a glitch bad enough all the other things we have to put up with,without them as well.take care. Joyce.