This is very very similar to a chemo thread i posted at the start of my chemo, and i am now at the start of my tamoxifen, a pattern perhaps?

Anyway,I have become very tearful and emotional again a week after starting tamoxifen. I accept much of it will be triggered by the whole bc trauma, finishing chemo/starting rads etc but wondered if anyone has had similar weepiness and if its a side effect of tamoxifen for anyone? It isnt on my info leaflet, but then again chemo induced hormone hell and weepiness wasnt on that side effects sheet either, and definitely existed!


Hi tors
Having 3rd fec next week but know I’m going to have rads and tamoxifen after. How long after you finished chemo did you start rads and tamoxifen? Have been told I have to be 6 weeks past last chemo before I can return to work so wondered if I will still be having rads by that point.
Sorry to hear you are feeling tearful, it’s bad enough we cry because of the bc, let alone if the pills make us even more emotional
Hugs to you

Hi there, Both. Well Tamoxifen isn’t heaven, that’s for sure. I started rads 6 weeks after surgery but Tam three weeks after. A year down the line I’ve put on a stone in weight - think it might be more to do with the relief of getting through all the treatment so I kept eating! To my horror, when before I had this awful thing happen to me it was easy to work it off, the Tam has slowed everything down and my body doesn’t respond as quickly any more. Even a small bruise take a week to disappear! That’s the only side effect of the Tam so far - so good luck! Susie


I’m the same with the weight gain - have put on 1 1/2 stone and cant shift it. I must fess up that I gave up smoking 6 mths ago, which is probably contributing!

Julia xx

Hi Vicki

Have been feeling similar. Started rads last week and tamoxifen 2 nearly 3 weeks ago. Have been all over the place, feeling very buzzy but not in a good way and emotional. Feel more insecure thatn i did too, but i know that could be everything catching up.

I was feeling very sick on tamox so have now just changed brands (APS), the se are meant to be less but a lot of chemists go for the cheaper brand. No surprise there… Will let you know how i go with them.

I think starting them and rads at the same time was not the best idea but onc didn’t want to wait. I have really found aloe vera amazing with rads. I leave the area exposed to the air for a while when i get back home and then use aloe vera on when i need it and AC to wash.

Hope you feel a bit better now.

Big hug

Jayne xxx

Hi Vickie

I am not on Tamoxifen but am on Armidrex which I started about two weeks ago at the same time I started RADS.

I too feel weepy a lot of the time, and the least thing sets me off. Whats worse is that I have no eyelashes still so when i do weep the tears run down my face and I can’t stop them

I also feel quite ‘depressed’ - its a really strange feeling as I know i should be ‘happy’ as I am nearly at the end of the active treatment and I have so many things going for me and everyone has been so supportive etc etc etc… but I can’t shake off this feeling of despair at the moment and then again I am beating myself up over it so again that makes me feel worse.

To be honest I was told the RADS would make me weepy (I scoffed at the time) but I do think its to do with all the treatment that I have gone through since my DX in January and emotionally I have tried to be ‘strong’ and carry on as normal (like we all too).

Whilst I supppose we could ‘blame’ the hormone treatment for the mood swings (and I am sure they do have a role to play) I think its probably down to all the above reasons.

You are been through so much, physically and mentally and have carried on with life with your partner and little boys and although you have had blips (like all of us) you have in the main coped so well and ‘sailed’ through the treatment. So, I know its a cliche but be kind to yourself - allow yourself these tears and weepy moments and whilst in the past you know you would be able to deal with others unthoughtful behaviour and take it in your stride - the fact at the moment you get emotional isn’t a failing, its just another thing on top of everything else and it makes it feel ten time worse.

I know from a personal point of view reading others experiences on here helps so much and makes me realise it isn’t ‘me’, or the ‘tablets’ or the ‘treatment’ its a combination of everything that has happened and the life changing experinces we have all had - and its NORMAL!
hugs and take care xx

Hi Vickie, I really think Saffronseed has hit the nail on the head. It’s the coming to the end of treatment that is difficult and I don’t think the tamoxyfen is the cause. I know in 2003 I remember that this was not an easy time, everyone, who hasn’t been there is thinking you are coming to the end of a difficult time and that you should be over the moon and grateful and cured !? etc etc. I remember breaking down at the dinner table when my husband said something about the meal I had just cooked. I had never broken down in front of the kids before (and never done it since) This prompted me to seek help, which I found luckily. Don’t forget you are a wonderful mother, your kids love you, and you have stayed strong for them, it is not been easy and you have used up so much energy being strong, that you cannot do it all the time. Let the tears flow and rant as much as you like on here, no one will ever tell you to pull yourself together.- Goodness, cyber hugs are great but real ones are better, sorry I’m not there to give you some real ones.
Hugs Maria

Thanks everyone. There are so many facets to how bc affects your life . Is lovely having people who know and care. Think rads is looming and playing on my mind. Haven’t got aloe gel in yet. Had forgotten that tip Jayne so will get some in.

It has really helped me leaving it open to the air as well. Rads nurses said that does helpxxx

Vickie, I am the same. Big hug. Tina

Hi there,

Any of the hormone suppressants which basically put you in a menopause is bound to make you feel weepy. I know I was on tamoxifen and due to the horrific mood swings, horrendous hot flushes, panic attacks = never had such things before and the extreme joint pain at 42yrs of age I decided that I would just stick with the herceptin. My oncologist said he understands and will support me in my decision. My mother had tamoxifen and although she says it saved her life (she had lumpectomy also) she has ended up in a mess with her bones. Yes she had already experienced the menopause but never the less I think for ladies who are past the menopause stage, people tend to think oh well they are getting older!!! I am just 42 was diagnosed at just 41, had 6mths chemo, mastectomy and full lymph node sweep (14)and twenty days radiotherapy. I dont want the cancer back, but at the same time I want a life and for me I would much rather have a quality of life than years of living in horrific weepiness and joint pain. I am told by some that these effects do diminish in time but most take years. Obviously not everyone is the same and we all expereince things differently, the weepiness though I am told last a few months. Best of luck and I hope you are able to compliment your treatment with other forms of treatment that will ease your side effects xx

Thanks ladies. Feeling less weepy over the last few days. I had reflexology and an Indian head massage with lovely oils and that really helped me. For danger of sounding new Age hippy, it sort of centered me and soothed me. Wierdly, the most soothing part was when she worked on the side of my ankles. After it was finished I asked where this bit corresponded to and she said ovaries and womb. I will be having reflexology again definitely! Just hope the hair grows as well after the head massage!