Tamoxifen in the morning/Tamoxifen in the evening? - That is the question

Hi everyone,


After having a mastectomy in July, I have recently started taking Tamoxifen. I wanted to delay taking it as I am still waiting for my wound to heal after it burst in early August. After several weeks of wearing a stoma bag to collect seroma fluid, I am now going to the nurse every other day to have the wound packed and dressed.


My surgeon has been keen for me to start Tamoxifen, as this is the second time around with breast cancer for me ( first time around was 20 years ago and was not oestrogen receptive). So I started the tablets 2 weeks ago. I just wondered when other people took their tablet and whether it is better to take it in the morning or evening? The reason I ask is because my sleep is now all over the place and I feel pretty crappy today as I write this.


I would really like to hear your thoughts on this.


Thank you. Dorset Lass





Hi there.  I was advised to take mine in the evening on a full stomach.  I’ve been taking it for about 3 months now - I started taking it just after my evening meal that has got later and later and I now take it at bed time.  I think it has affected my sleep but it’s difficult to tell as my sleep is generally not what it used to be pre-diagnosis!

I think - like everything - it seems that everyone reacts differently and it’s a matter of experimenting a bit.  It might be worth trying taking it at a different time for a few weeks to see if that is better - but take it after you have eaten.

I take mine in the morning with yogurt. I tried no food, this made me nauseous. I don’t like taking pills in the evening, that’s just me.

Hi, just adding my bit as I’ve tried both! I started tamoxifen in August after finishing chemo. I did a few weeks of last thing at night, then switched to first thing in the morning as I find it easier to remember. I have never been told about taking it with food. I’m lucky - have had no particular side effects (at least no more than I can already put down to age, overall treatment etc!) and have noticed no difference to my sleep. When I was on Anastrozole for a previous cancer I did find brands made a difference, my GP pharmacist agrees this happens and says its probably due to manufacturers using different coatings. Good luck with your treatment xx