Tamoxifen Joint Pain

Is anyone else suffering with joint pain from Tamoxifen? I was diagnosed and successfully treated for ER + breast cancer in 2018. I was pre-menopause so it was the only thing I could have, the prospect of another 8yrs of this pain fills me with dread. I’m currently taking high strength Glucosamine & Chondroitin, MSM & Codliver oil capsules without much relief. From what I’ve heard the other option Aromatase inhibitors are even worse :slightly_frowning_face: Just wondered if anyone has any advice or suggestions. I’m feeling more like a 70 year old than 50! 

Hi @SianH

I have been on Tamoxifen for exactly 12 months today, I, too, suffer from joint pain. At first I had ‘restless legs’ in the evenings and couldn’t get comfortable. I also found I hobbled to the bathroom first thing in the morning as my heels and ankles were so stiff and painful.

I have managed to find a brand - Tillomed - which suits me but over the last 6 weeks, I now have a new area of pain in my elbows and wrists. Sometimes I have to lift a kettle with two hands just to pour myself a cup of tea! 
I am kind of used to it now, and am maybe also putting down the joint pain to old age creeping in (51 now!) although I am active enough insofar that I walk the dog daily and go on longer walks at weekends.

So whilst I can’t offer advice - which is what you asked for ! - I am at least letting you know I’m in the same boat!