Tamoxifen not working at all

Hi aall just wondered if anyone is in my group of estrogen receptive cancer when Tamoxifen has no effect. i have read it is to do with genetics. Trouble is i was hoping to get a few months on it but everything is failing. Not a panicker but am starting to get a little concerned.

love and hugs to all as ever


Hi Ramada

Sorry to hear it’s not working. Tamoxifen was the first treatment I had (straight in at stage 4) and it only worked for 5 months . I was so upset as others had been on it for years but now on letrozole and palbociclib combo which has been working well. We al worry what is next but am sure there is still something left in the goodie box as my Onc calls it . Love wendy xxxx

Hi Ramade so sorry Tamoxifen not working for you .Am sure your oncologist will try you on another treatment.There are so many out there .Stay strong xx

Ramade,  Sorry tamoxifen didn’t work. You and I have a lot of years in this and our choices are getting slimmer. I have never had tamoxifen. I was going to push to try it when E & E fails. If we aren’t in bad shape I wonder if they can try other chemos on us that aren’t normally given for BC. After all all drugs started as trial an error!  Don’t give up! Google treatments and fight for them! FF

Thankyou so much for your replies which are so kind. As you say ff there are trials and i have said i am willing to be part of any one acvailable. It seems they are chemos so pretty harxh but we need to find a cure!

Also i have 2 grandchildren due in April and not meeting them is not an option also i can’t see my husband finishing the things i’m knitting for them lol

hugs to you all

Ramade x

Hi Remade,
I’m sorry that tamoxifen has not worked for you. I was on it for 5 years after primary and am not sure when it stopped working. I hope your docs find you something that works for you. You must see your grandchildren. My third, a little boy was born just over 2 weeks ago. There’s nothing else like it.
Hugs Bon

Wish I could knit. I was great disappointment to my mother in law

oh Bon, i’m sure she thinks you’re wonderful. congrats on your new grandson.

ff where did you find such a useful husband?

Morning Ramade

Sorry to read tamoxifen has failed. I have just finished 10 weeks of taxol which I have admit was hard. I was told it has worked and now I have put on tamifen. Have you had that chemo? I.am sure there must be other treatments and trials out there that you could try.


hi Linda, glad your treatment has worked,i had taxol with my primary in my 30’s so maybe i could have it again.haven’t heard of tamifen. will keep plodding on. thanks



Hi Ramade

Sorry I misspelled it is the treatment that has stopped working for tamoxifen.

Regarding taxol if it worked for you before you should be able to have it again. Have you had Taxetere? I had that back in 2009 which worked well then. Oncologist mentioned I seem to respond well to them if in the future things change I could have them again.

When you back to see oncologist you could mention it then worth a try.