tamoxifen pelvic pain hell help me please!!!

Ive started on tamoxifen 8 days ag on day i started very low crampy pain discharge. Omg its every day just like period pains only with a red hot poker shoved up each end…sorry for rant in at wits end…saw onco told her shrugged said give it 3mths to settle, omg 3 months i take that many pain killers to try and subside the pain but it doesnt touch it,. If i lie down flat and press my uterus ovary area it feels painful and bigger. Is this normal tamoxifen hell?. Im post menopostal had wle no invasive no lyphe no microinvasins it was purely caused by oestrogen. Dear god can anyone suggest and remedies or does it calm down, im truely going nuts. Tia. Xx

It sounds like you need another opinion, Lucaboo.
Sorry to hear you’re going through this, but surely the pain you are experiencing needs further investigation.
It’s certainly not ‘normal tamoxifen hell’
Can you go back to your team? GP?, or failing that, go to your local A&E if the pain is that bad.
Do hope this gets resolved for you soon.
Do take care
ann x

Sorry you are sufferring like this after going through everything else. I just wondered why if you are post menopausal they gave you tamoxifen? I am post menopausal and take anastrozole. Ive taken this for 8 months so far wirh little side effects ???. Maybe you could be changed into a different aromatase inhibitor if your problems continue? Hooe you feel better soon. Good luck with everything ???

Hello lucaboo -sounds miserable and not something you should just have to put up with for 3 months - may be worth ruining one of the Breast care Nurses at your Unit to discuss and maybe see GP to check it is def Tamoxifen related. You could also ring one of the Nurses here for some advice . 0808 800 6000

Thanks to everyone for the posts im going to ring bc nurse and see what she says i dont know why im on tamoxifen post menopause either all confusing my gp seems not to know either. Phew…what a journey…got rads to face yet im very overwhelmed with it all i feel like ive become another person just horrible trying to get my old me back. This whole thing seems to have stolen my personality…is it just me or does anyone else relate? Xxx

Lucaboo just wanted to reply to your post. I think it’s quite common for us to feel as if we have lost ourselves at some point during our journey through everything. I know I certainly felt the same before my rads sessions. Once I had got through those 3 weeks I felt it was time to move on and look forward. Now I’m almost 5 months post rads and I feel great!! Yes I am taking anastrozole but have minimal side effects. My diet is better, I have lost weight and stopped smoking. I exercise much more and put myself 1st much more now. I do hope that you too will feel much brighter once your treatment is complete ???

Lucaboo, if you had DCIS I think they still normally give tamoxifen to post menopausal women. When I started on tamoxifen they said it was the only drug that was licensed for DCIS.


I didnt have pain when I started on tamoxifen, but I did have a bleed on the fourth day. I got fast tracked for a hysteroscopy, the consultant said it was too early for the bleed to have been caused by the tamoxifen. Apparently it takes some time for the tamoxifen to build up in your system. So it may be a coincidence that your pain has come at this time, but anyway it needs checking out properly. I don’t think pelvic pain is normally a side effect.


This is just another thing you could do without, along with everything else when you get diagnosed, sending you a hug and hope things are better soon.


Thankyou dizzybee omg what a nightmare. Im going gp this week see what she thinks. Im thankful it was dcis and caught early so i shouldnt moan nut the pain gets you down. Hope ur are in good health now too xx

Thankyou helena im going to gp this week she whats going on thanks for taking time out to reply xx

Hi Dusty omg isnt it a nitemare. Well ive rung bc nurse she said give it time for ur body to adjust wasnt too bothered. Going gp altho cant get appoint for 2 weeks!. I know exactly what u mean tho Dusty im no dr either but i know 100 percent it started with the tamoxifen hope t god it calms down i feel miserable like you. Let me know what ur bc nurse advises or ur gp and i will do same if it will help anyone. Feel free t message if ur felling bit down…im always up for a chat anytime xxx