Hi All
Just a bit of advise needed, been on Tamoxifen since 1st December 07, periods stopped during chemo in August and have had the usual menopause symptoms since then (horrendous hot sweats). I noticed recently the sweats had stopped then Friday had my first period in 10 months. Should i be worried? I always felt more reassured when they stopped as assumed less hormones in the body.
Hope you can advise, by the way I am 38.

Hi Rachy,

I can understand your worry. I,m 39, my last period was Dec 07 just after 5th chemo. Started Tam in Feb and quite bad flushes etc (have you put on weight ? I have.)

My Onc said that I might get 2 or 3 periods in a year or non at all, So not worried. My hot flushes have reduced lately since starting Red clover and Evening primrose oil and its safe for Oestrogen pos.
Lots of love
Andrea x

Hi Girls

I started on Tam on 8th May and was due on 14th May but still no Aunt Flo, whereas I am usually clockwork (was diagnosed on 30th April, WLE + nodes on 7th May, so maybe it was the shock that dried me up!)

I do know that during a ‘normal’ menopause you have the odd period here and there.

Good Luck!



Been on tamoxifen for 14 months and have heavy, regular (28 day) periods. Onc and consultant say it’s no problem and some women continue with them, some stop and others have intermittant ones. Still worry about all that oestrogen flying around my body!!

Take care.
Shorty x

Hi Ladies
Thankyou for your replies, It seems to effect everyone differently, I will mention it to Onc as on herceptin so usually see him every 3 weeks. Would feel better without them as would think less hormone to feed anything floating around.
Andrea- Have not put on any extra weight with Tomoxifen but put on a stone with chemo, but i seem unable to lose any weight now even though i am exercising and cutting down so i do blame the Tamoxifen for that.
Thanks again ladies for taking the time to respond

Hi Rachie,

I started Tamoxifen in Nov when I was 35. My periods continued as normal throughout the chemo and Tamoxifen didn’t stop them either so my onc put me on Zoladex too. I haven’t had a period since I started the Zoladex in jan,

Take care,



I am 53 and have been on Tamoxifen for the last few months. Didn’t get a period since end of January and have now started one after 6 months. Was a bit worried but reassured by what I have read on the threads. I will mention it to my Oncologist when I see him in August.



Been on tamoxifen since Feb 08 and I am still having periods each month and the onc is not happy that my ovaries are still active - she says she has to give it 6 months to kick in and stop my periods. If htey have not stopped by my August appointment they are going to start monthly injections to shut down my ovaries.

Been on Tamoxifen since Oct 2006 and am still having periods but only every 3-4 months. No one on medical team seems bothered by this and Zoladex was never mentioned. I was 7 out of 8 ER+


The only time I didn’t have periods while on tamoxifen was when I had Zoladex for 2 yrs which shuts down your ovaries so you have a temporary menopause. After the 2yrs my periods came back after about 2 months and have continued (I’m 46 by the way). Tamoxifen works by blocking the oestrogen receptors in any bc cells rather than reducing any oestrogen in your body. You also still have oestrogen in your body after the menopause but greatly reduced, it’s mainly produced from any fatty areas as I understand it. I’d speak to your onc if you’ve any concerns or need any explanations.



Just scanned this thread and note use of Red Clover. I understood that Red Clover and Black Cohosh were both strictly “forbidden fruit” for those with hormone positive disease.


Me too…I have been on Tamoxifen since Oct 07 had no periods since …I too was advised that the above where a definate NO NO!!!


I have just started on Tamox. I am 47. I asked onc re periods and he said although in theory periods should stop (they stopped anyway during chemo) it was nothing to worry about if they started again. He also said that on other, post-meno treatments then it WAS a worry if you get periods but not Tamox as it is a pre-meno treatment.