Tamoxifen question

Though I’m still waiting to know whether the oncologist wants me to have chemo or not, I do know that sooner or later I’ll be taking tamoxifen. Has anyone any knowledge of how it might affect my type 1 (insulin controlled from childhood) diabetes? I’ve noticed from other posts that it can play havoc with all sorts of other systems in the body, so how about the endocrine?

I don’t want to be caught out the way I was when someone gave me a steroid injection and didn’t warn me of what it would do to my blood-sugar!



Hi Lin,
First of all, many women are fine on tamoxifen, but that doesn’t tend to get reported, so sometimes reading posts can be somewhat anxiety provoking. I remember it well before I started on tamox!
I cant answer your question specifically, but one of the other ladies may have experience of this or maybe post in ‘ask our nurses’?
ann x