Tamoxifen shortage

I have just been told by my online pharmacy that they are unable to supply me with tamoxifen as they are out of stock, do not know when they’ll be getting any in and there is low supply across the UK. I am flabbergasted! Is anyone else having any issues? I’ve contacted my GP to request a new paper prescription so I can trek around pharmacies to find some…this is very worrying.

@NedZeppelin  - thanks for the warning, I need to order my next supply. That is terrible news. Let’s see what others have to say. Evie xx

If you Google shortage of Tamoxifen it would seem this crops of often with this drug - not sure what that means but those on the drug do get their supply.

Poppy xx

Update - well, I managed to get into Boots this morning and they’ve given me a month’s supply rather than two and said they would text when they get more in stock. I’m just concerned this is a Brexit related issue - supply chains seem to be breaking down everywhere…