Tamoxifen side effects

Hi all,

I have, in the last 4 weeks, started on tamoxifen.  I am 70 and, therefore when I finished my radiotherapy in March last year, I was started on letrozole.  Since then I noticed that my hair was thinning badly.  I told my oncologist and he told me to stop taking it for 2 months and then, if I noticed an improvement, to start taking tamoxifen instead of letrozole.  This I did.  However, I have noticed in the last couple of weeks that I now have a vaginal discharge, seems to be white mucus, which is not very nice to say the least.  Has anyone else had this as a side effect of tamoxifen, and, if so, is it a problem that needs to be sorted out?

Thank you in advance,

Purple Granny

Hi I’m sorry you’ve not had a reply , you could try asking about this in the Ask the Nurses section ?