Tamoxifen side effects

Hi, I’ve been on zoladex injections for 10 months and still getting hot flushes but my worst side effect is having no sex drive at all. Decided to speak to my onc as both my husband and I are both feeling down about this and the onc suggested I try tamoxifen again to improve the situation. I was on tamoxifen for about a month after my 1st diagnosis 5 years ago at 34 but couldn’t get on with it as I had bad mood swings and nausea. I was considering trying it again but after reading the leaflets on tamoxifen I’m scared to touch it - does anyone else feel like this?

Hi - like you I was dreading taking the Tamoxifen but there was no alternative and my onc suggested that I give it a try for 8 weeks. I did and the only side effect was the hot flushes which although inconvenient were manageable. I started taking it in November and I can honestly say that I am feeling good. The hot flushes have slowed down to probably no more than one or two a day. I take Nolvadex brand

One other positive result is that I have this amazing new set of boobs. After my lumpectomy they told me that it was unlikely I would cosmetically get the result I wanted (due to location of scar). After chemo and rads my body wasn’t looking great at all but since I have been taking Tamoxifen I look like I have had a boob job, both boobs are bigger and firmer than before. My husband loves it and recently someone I hardly knew asked me if I had had work done!!! (I did nearly slap her for being so stupid).

Oh - my sex drive is back to normal which is a huge relief, I don’t think it has been affected at all by the tamoxifen. Maybe
its worth trying again. Apparently people react differently to different brands.

I wish you luck x

Hi Angie

Breast Cancer Care have published a booklet called ‘Sexuality, intimacy and breast cancer’ which may be helpful for you to read. You can access this via the following link:

breastcancercare.org.uk/docs/Breast Cancer Care_sexuality_0.pdf

Best wishes


I have been on Tamoxifen for nearly 16 months now and the side effects I have are the hot flushes…I take Vit E and they help. My sex drive has gone to zero, before all of this I had a very high sex drive but not now, I don’t know why but I’m not sure if it is the Tamoxifen or not.

My auntie also took Tamoxifen before she started armidex but she had no side effects at all…how lucky was she!

good luck

Claire x


I have been on Tamoxifen since Nov 1st (I’m 35). I found that different ‘brands’ gave me different side effects. I have now found a brand which suits me best and so the side effects are minimal. Prior to this I was also getting terrible mood swings and headaches too. Would it be poss for you to try a couple of different brands of Tamoxifen? Apparently although the basic ingredient is the same in all, what they ‘mix’ it with differs greatly.

Personally I found that the Tamoxifen did not affect my sex life at all. However, I started Zoladex 2 months ago and have had zero interest in sex ever since! I feel really sorry for my poor boyfriend, although he says he doesn’t mind.

Hope that helps a little,

Take care,