Tamoxifen! Straight away or take a break?

Finished chemo 4 weeks ago, and started 19 sessions of rads yesterday.  I have been given my Tamoxifen but having read about the possible side effects I really dont know if I can start it straight away as I feel I am still not over the chemo and just feel I need a few weeks of being normal without any SE’s.


I feel I need a break from side effects and I am getting married in August.  I feel the run up to the wedding has been ruined by my illness and just want to enjoy the next few weeks and want to start the Tamoxifen after the wedding.


I will ring my onco nurse later about it, but having had so much support on here through chemo I thought I would see if anyone has been through similar or has any thoughts about this?  I realy am in turmoil over it…thank you :smileyhappy:

hi Rooner,
Just to point out, reading the side effects can be scary, but it does not mean you will get all or even some of the side effects Many of us are fine on it, although I wholly understand where you’re coming from on this & I did not need chemo.
So good you are going to discuss with the onco nurse & very best wishes on this.
ann x

Hi Rooner, I totally understand how you must feel about side effects after 6 months of chemo ,I have read that some ladies have been advised to start Tamoxifen after finishing Radiotherapy so this must be an option for some ,best ask advice from your team about the implications for you personally .Jill.

Thank you both. I’ve spoken to my onco nurse today and she has advised not to have a gap but to start asap and then any issues/SE’a can be ironed out before the wedding. So I’ll start this weekend. Thank you again x

Hopefully you will be one of the lucky ones,apart from hot flushes and hair thinning I haven’t had many other side effects after first few weeks.

Thanks Jill. I hope not too much thinning occurs; only just growing back ?

Fingers crossed ! Its not a given ,think it’s 1/10 with the hair thinning so most don’t have it .

So glad you’ve got it resolved, Rooner.
It’s doing an important job & wishing you well with it.
ann x

I just started on Tamoxifen, got rads starting end of month. I too wanted and wish had break though thankfully not needed chemo.


Some women do wait till after radiation but what I have read here most agree this with nurse or doctors first.


I asked if I could delay it but avised not to, even though it only slightly improves my possible outcome in five years.


The doctor used this prediction tool to work out my odds on or off drug predict.nhs.uk/ , patients can use too if you have basic diagnosis info.


Obviously its not perfect but interesting, with doctors advice too.


I was so scared to take this drug, still am, and worried about every symptom,but if its not too bad I would continue, think depends on us as unique people.


I am calling BCN on Monday as so worried, its so good we do have lots of support. :slight_smile: