tamoxifen strength??

just wondered what strength tamoxifen are people taking, i know its made in 10, 20 and 40 mg I think, but wondered are people put on different strengths and if so why?

thanks TTM

Hi TTM I am on 20mg, which is pretty much standard for adjuvant use I think.

Yes I’m on 20mg as well


I was on 20mg too

I’m on 20mg too. Reading the paperwork in the packet it can also be used to treat certain forms of infertility (doesn’t say what type)!

I think the 10mg are so the 20mg can be split into twice a day. The higher dose, I think, is what they use if required for the fertility side of things.


I was on 20mg and they split it to 10mg twice a day x

what are benefits to taking 2 10mg then a day, is it better for side effects?


My friend had hers split to 2x 10mg to ease her hot flushes!

Twinky x

I tried the 10mg twice a day… for me no different for side effects :frowning: Maybe I’m just hotter stuff than I realise?! ;0)

To be honest a year on I’ve got used to the regular drownings (they are always within a few minutes of the same time every day).

I’ve just started a few days ago on this too at 20mg p/d. It’s making me nauseous already!


try taking it a little after food, they say that helps with nausea. i have done this from start, only been on it 2 weeks and it seems to be ok so far for sickness - touch wood!!

TTM xxx