Tamoxifen To Exemestane

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Been on Tamoxifen for 3 years my consultant has now changed me over to Exemestane. just wondering is anyone out there on this drug?

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Hello - yes it’s called exemestane - the consultant must have unreadable writing ! It’s one of the aromatase inhibitors. They work in a different way to Tamoxifen and are very good. Exemestane is also called Aromasin.

I went on exemestane straightaway after chemo and rads without going on Tamoxifen first. I’ve been on them for 18 months now. People do sometimes get side effects but you may not have any.

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Thanks Anthi

Its nice to know I am not on my own again !!

I have not felt the need to post anything for ages but I have never forgoten how good this site is and how much everyone helped me through the dark days .



I’ve been put on tamoxifen for two years then will be put on aromasin for three years. My oncologist says a trial has been done which proved this was more beneficial.

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I was on Tamoxifen for 2 years and have finished my first year on Aromasin. It has seemed to trigger lots of joint/arthritis pain.

It was mild panic attacks, coming immediately before the regulation hot flushes, for me. Weird, but not unbearable.


HI I went straight on to Exemestane in 2005 as part of a trial, so been on it for 3 years now. All is well no recurrance of bc and no side effects at all. My biggest fear was that I would turn into a little old lady with no oestrogen!! Irrational considering I’d had breast cancer but hey we all have our silly fears!! My biggest worry now is having to come off it in a few years!

I have been transferred from Tamoxifen to Aromasin (exemestane)after two years. I have one more year and 2 months to go and I have noticed a lot of joint pain, tiredness and I am getting weaker. I have had polio as a child, but have lead a full active life until breast cancer 4 years ago.I could walk for hours without getting tired. Now I can hardly manage to walk around the house and use an electric buggy outdoors. I wonder if I will regain my strength once I come off this drug.

i am on aromasin and have been having a lot of problems, i suffer very stiff joints, my gp has now told me i have arthritis in my knee joints, and i have just been put on tablets for the high blood pressure i have developed, i have previously been on arimadex and found that hard to handle as well, before that i was on zoladex on the run up to my hysterectomy and oopherectomy, and before that tamoxifen, all this in a year and a half! just make sure that before you go onto the aromataise inhibitors that they carry out a bone density scan, my oncologist forgot about that but my surgeon picked up on it, else i would have been none the wiser.

I forgot to say that I had polio when I was 8. I wonder if I can find somebody in the same position?
I have had my bone density measured. It was good before I had breast cancer because I was on HRT. It is not so good now and I do take Alendronic Acid once a week and Calcium tablets with vitamin D every day.
Do you experience any tiredness or weakness on Aromasin?

i feel very tired lately, i am just over 3 months since my last surgery and to be honest, i felt more alert the week after!! i do know a woman called Verity who also had polio as a child, she is also on aromasin but tends to have a lot of dry skin problems, she does have her own website that is quite good, pm me if you want the details zsusanna