Tamoxifen tummy

Any thoughts ladies. I have been on Tamoxifen since April and I’m learning to live with hot flushes, aches and pains but this week have been aware of my huge tum. Also a little bit achey like period pains. No bleeding or period since chemo in Feb. I’m 50 now so don’t really know what’s going on down there. Anybody my age had periods come back after a chemo pause? I was thinking it’s a bit early on to be worrying about the risk of cancer down there but the mind is always on overdrive. My GP’s are great but I get the impression they don’t know a lot about SE’s of Tamoxifen. I went for a little moan about hot flushes and not sleeping a few weeks ago and he offered me sleeping pills and said it might settle down. It seems we just have to get on with it all! I was trying on some clothes in a well known store but ended up buying magic pull you in knickers instead of something new to wear!

Hi Janipi,

In the last fortnight I have developed a bloated tummy, I started tamoxifen in May, some days hardly any tum and other days pregnant looking, hopefully it will go soon. I also had a kind of pulling feeling in my pelvic area but that disappeared pretty quickly if you are in any doubt do get in touch with your doc or phone your bcn. I lost weight before diagnosis so am not liking the big fat tummy!! xx

Hi Janipa
I have been on Tamoxifen now for over eighteen months and I have gradually developed a huge tummy, huge for me anyway, I think this has to be down to the tamoxifen. I have a dilemma at the moment , would like to be put on another drug, but have been told by my breast surgeon via a bcn that I could stop taking it, if the se were so bad , but the thought of not taking anything scares me so much.

Me too, we call mine jelly belly @ mo, it is not that big, but definitely there!
been on it since Apr.

Thanks everyone. Glad I’m not the only one. Mine’s definitely a jelly belly. Maybe I should take up belly dancing. If you’ve got it flaunt it I say. Still a bit suspicious of what is going on down there though. Might go for another chat with GP.