Tamoxifen Vs Letrozole

Hi All,


I have been on tamoxifen for a year now. My oncologist has advised that I switch to Letrozole as it’s more effective. It took a couple of months for me to adjust to tamoxifen, so now a little reluctant to switch. Has anyone else been through the same thing? How did you find Letrozole compared with Tamoxifen?


Thanks, Carol


Hello Carole82. Are you post menopausal? If so ask about Anastrazole instead. There was a recent report that sang the praises of it effectiveness and long term benefits even years after finishing it. Seems to be one if the more modern aromatase inhibitors x

Hi Carole, how have you found the switch from Tamoxifen to Letrozole? I will be switching soon re call from my oncologist, but like yourself I’m worried about changing & having to get used to new side effects 

Thanks Pam x