Tamoxifen & Weight Questions

Hi All,

I will be starting Tamoxifen soon. Just wanted other peoples experiences with weight gain.

I am slim but have been bigger in the past atfter my first pregnancy and was hardwork to lose the weight and maintain it.

I’m very active and play alot of sport and really want to keep in shape.

What have your experiences been on this drug does it make you put on weight. I’m miserable as it is being diagnosed with cancer, just had a lumpectomy and SLN and then now a double mastectomy as more was found.

Its bad enough we have to take this drug the thought of it making me gain weight aswell is pants. Also stressing me out feeling like :tired_face:.

Hopefully I’m worrying about nothing.

I gained weight from steroids with my chemo & then later started Tamoxifen. I have found it incredibly hard to lose this excess weight. My oncologist said that unfortunately it slows your metabolism rate down, so believe this is a common complaint. :cry:

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Hi there, I was an outdoorsy active woman when I started tamoxifen. I didn’t stop being that outdoorsy active woman and didnt gain any weight when i was on tamoxifen , so much so, i didn’t want to stop it. 18 years later, I am the same weight and as active. Hopefully you will be fine too.


Hi Thats a lovely positive reply. Thankyou for sharing your story. Fingers crossed it will be the same for me. I am one of those people sadly that finds it hard to be positive :sleepy:

All the best xxxx

Hi! I started tamoxifen a couple of months ago post chemo, and have lost 5kg since Christmas. I wasn’t overweight before but wanted to get fit, so I’ve done Couch to 5k and got a personal trainer, doing little bits of exercise each day (either swimming, running or little weights). I’ve been having radiotherapy so haven’t overdone it.

It’s helped my mood lots too and I’m convinced it’s helping with the hot flushes. Hope this helps xxxx

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