Tamoxifen Withdrawal 10 Years On..

I couldn’t work out how to add this on but just looking for a digital hug! 2 weeks off tamoxifen after 10 yrs.  Was expectant of side effects and they have come. I know us 10 yearers+ are super lucky so taking paracetamol and cracking on but feels like flu of the skeleton and tummy flu too. I have post chemo heart issues and jolly ol’ arthritis and ostopenia from treatment so the first thing was a flare. There will be a menopause test mid Jan and then if needed gp will refer me to a gynae. I just keep telling myself that us lot are doing amazingly well and noone can see these invisible after effects. And really the onky people who understand are us and our nearest! Some tears earlier… I have recently had full body and blood mot after a scare so at least I can fight the mental fear that it’s a recurrence. You know what I mean! It’s hard that generally we are all discharged at this period when more change… I see a cancer psych which really helps and kept a link with my lovely nurse specialist. Big hugs to everyone reading this. Be gentle with yourselves…Xxx 

Hi Pah, here is your virtual hug. After taking tamoxifen for so long it is difficult to know what is a side effect of the meds or changes in our body as we get older. The menopause has a lot to answer for and so many of the side effects are the same. I am 5 years down the line and recently had a break from meds, but actually felt worse so was glad to get back on them I never thought I would say that!  It’s great that you have kept in touch with your nurse to discuss your worries with. No one ever knows what we go through not just physically but emotionally too. Just because we are years on from diagnosis doesn’t make us less vunerable. Here if you want to chat more, but for now consider yourself hugged…xx