Tamoxifen withdrawal symptoms

I have recently been given the all clear for in-situ breast cancer, following a mastectomy with full reconstruction and ceasing Tamoxifen after 5 years.
I started to realise that I was having withdrawal symptoms, similar to those symptoms I had when I first commenced the drug.
The worst symptoms have been, severe headaches, hot flushes, palpataions, mild chest pain/anxiety, thirst, dry tickly throat and general irritation, both mentally and physically.
I don’t think that there are any current studies to support this, although I have read other similar blogs from other pre-users of Tamoxifen.

Yes, I am experiencing the same withdrawal symptoms; mood swings, hot flushes, tetchiness, headaches, bodyaches, bloating. I take citalipram for depression after starting Tamoxifen, but the symptoms of palpitations, anxiety, mild chest pains have come back with avengence.
However, I have recently been on a break in the countryside and did lots of walking - I think exercise and keeping busy is the key to this.
Drinking lots of fluids helps and planning ahead to keep yourself busy.