Tamoxifen, Zoladex and Leg Cramps!

Hi, just wondering if anyone else on Tamoxifen and/or Zoladex gets regular leg cramps!? I have been on both for nearly a year and a half now, and just in the last few months i have been getting them quite bad! is it connected to the medication?? Thanks x


hi eilidh7.
ive been on tamoxifen and zoladex for just over a year. i get cramp in the back of my calf. it sometimes feels like its locked. i have to rub it for 10 minuites and then it passes. but when i get up the following morning my calf really aches. xxx gaynor


A couple of suggestions posted on this site before are: drink tonic water before sleeping, and when cramp strikes in the middle of the night try to find a cold place to put your foot/feet. If bathroom tiles are not available take a tin tray to the bedroom… but watch out it doesn’t turn into an instant skateboard!

I’m not on either of these drugs, but am on herceptin & zometa. I get the most awful cramps that affect my hands, feet, and calf muscles mainly. Spasms last for up to 20mins and lock everything up. Sometimes I just want to scream! I haven’t yet found anything that helps, other than if it is in the night to get up and move about if it is my legs or feet. I did read that it could help to take large doses of magnesium regularly especially for older people (am 65). I also found when I have been on amitriptylline that seemed to help. But it is hard to tell because these really bad spasms come in clusters then I might be ok for a few weeks. No one really comes up with a solution and I don’t think they take it that seriously but it can be really bad.


Hot bath, lavender bags heated in microwaves (put on feet) and when desperate deep heat muscle rub help with cramps in my feet and toes!
No doubt all ties in with Tamoxifen - 3.5 years on
Empathy all

Hi just married

I’m on Zoladex and Tamoxifen and I tend to get leg cramps, and also on the top of my feet. I think that the cramps aren’t as bad with some brands of Tamoxifen, but that might be total rubbish - it’s difficult to tell. I’ve found that the most effective cure for the cramps is to do stretching exercises on the tendons that run up the front of my feet and up the front of the lower leg. I also stretch my Achilles tendons and ham strings. Since doing the exercises regularly I’ve rarely had cramps.

Sarah x

Thank you all very much for the comments! Well at least i am not on my own with this one, lol!! Thought it was probably a side effect of one of them, but just wanted to see if anyone else had it! Thanks for the suggestions on how to get rid of it, i shall give them a try! Thats interesting what a couple of you have said about different packets of tamoxifen havent different side effects,i hadn’t noticed any pattern, but now you say it, i do have certain months when my hot flushes are a lot worse!! Thanks again x

Hi I too get terrible cramps but a good dose of Magnesium and Tonic Water at night before bed does seem to help! I know if I forget to take them the cramp is back big time!

Thanks, shall give it a try!! Love ur tattoo btw muffett :slight_smile: x